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Eclipse Comparison: March 2024 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

This comparison of the celestial influence of lunar eclipses uncovers the intricate dance between cosmic events and personal narratives, highlighting the recurring themes that define human existence.

Let’s compare eclipses, shall we, and get a better idea of what the recent 24-25 March 2024 lunar eclipse portends for us individually?  

The Saros Series

The older I get, the longer cycles I see and the stronger the pattern that’s revealed.  This is what astrology is to me – the human race’s way of naming cycles that are sometimes longer than a generation or a single lifetime.   How do you track those cycles over the ages when so much on Earth falls to waste?  By looking to the skies. 

One of the best ways to understand how an eclipse may affect you is to look back at other eclipses in the same Saros series affected you then.   A Saros series is a sequence of lunar eclipses that repeat every 18 years, 11 1/3 days, depending on leap years  (or 19 eclipse years).  This is what I call “applied astrology,” and since this site originated about 20 years ago and I’ve kept journals since I was a kid, I can rely on more than faulty memory to tell me what was going on in my own life during prior eclipses in the same series.

My previous post about the 24-25 March 2024 lunar eclipse suggested several areas to focus on for that eclipse:

… a powerful event signifying change and transformation, particularly in relationships:

  • Focus on Relationships: Since it’s a full moon in Libra, the sign of partnership, this eclipse is expected to highlight imbalances and areas for growth in close relationships.
  • Endings and New Beginnings: Eclipses often mark culminations and turning points. This eclipse might bring closure to unhealthy bonds or unresolved issues, paving the way for healthier connections.
  • Self-reflection and Prioritization: The eclipse may prompt you to re-evaluate your needs and prioritize your own well-being within relationships.

The last three eclipses in this particular series, Saros 113, were:

  • 14 March 2006 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
  • 3 March 1988 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
  • 12 February 1970 Partial Lunar Eclipse 

What was going on in your life for the next weeks to months following these dates? 

Here’s mine and how I compare:

12 February 1970 Partial Lunar Eclipse 

For this one, I was a small child.  Nothing in particular stands out for me during that time.  We were, as a family, in a place of transition.  My beloved grandmother had died the summer before, and my older siblings were beginning new phases of their lives as adults, so the home front was different. I do remember transitioning from just telling lots and lots of stories (since I was 3) to writing them down, and then getting into trouble about them with adults who were struggling to understand why I’d write such things and couldn’t understand that I wasn’t writing me but that the people in my stories were from my imagination.  I wasn’t just telling stories of warrior women but was now adding emotion and motivation to my written stories, plus some mystery or suspense. That was probably the year that my identity as a writer really took hold, even if I had to hide my writing so I wouldn’t be misunderstood.

3 March 1988 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

I was an adult for this eclipse and at a fork in the road between two careers that really interested me.  One was writing; the other was Acquisition.  My Acquisition career was just taking off, even though I was still an intern.   A branch chief (for another branch) recognized my talent in a particular area and started pushing me in front of others who might pursue opportunities to work with me.  The inciting incident happened a couple of weeks before the eclipse, but it was within a month after the eclipse that my new mentor began setting up events for me, quiet little intern that I was, to teach something specific to my more experienced colleagues.  

At the same time, I was writing a lot of poetry—always had—but thinking about novels I wanted to write “when I get around to it.”   It was around this time that I got serious about writing complete novels, not unlike what I did in middle school and high school, but grown-up versions, and actually trying to sell them to traditional publishers in New York City, which I did a few years later on my third try. 

This time period was really when the war between 2 careers began, with Acquisition taking precedence because National Security work was more important to the world than writing romantic suspense novels. It was also the year that I became really dissatisfied in my marriage and stopped blaming myself entirely for the relationship faltering, even though it took me years and years and 2 children to leave. The disillusionment had set in.

14 March 2006 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Oooooh, so in 2006, I was writing here for this site, so we have it first-hand instead of via memory.   Here are a few insights, raw and real, that happened around the eclipse and in the months after:

Writing, Yes, But Friendships Ending

Creatively, 2006 was a great year for me.  …My women’s action adventure novel [Dark Revelations, later expanded as Dark Revelations of Joan of Arc, the cornerstone of my Secret Lives of Librarians universe] was published by a major publisher…. I indie-published a lot of books that year and was working with about 15 different authors… I had ended several key friendships and was largely on my own….

— from Express Yourself: Solar Return Sun in the Fifth House (Applied Astrology Series)

Writing Moon Meditations and Finding my Community

I began writing full moon meditations at this site, offering both information on full and new moons, as well as eclipses, but also “progressive meditations,” where each moon meditation took up where I’d left off with the previous offering.  These were a HUGE draw for this site, often pulling in 100,000 unique views every month.  

Trusting my Intuition

I made another change that year [2006] in my New Year’s resolutions.  I decided to add an action word for the coming year and a theme for the coming year.  For 2006, it was Manifest and Risk Everything.  I chose those words because of the things that had happened in the previous year.  Funny thing–that was the year I truly came to understand intention and manifestation, and began to let go and just let wonderful things come into my life.   By the end of the year, some of the really important things on my list had happened.  Some were hard, like ending long-term friendships with people I had allowed to make too many decisions in my life.  They were relationships that had fulfilled their purpose long ago, but I’d held onto them….  It hurt tremendously when those friendships ended but I was living their lives, not mine.

— from New Year’s resolutions, the Burning Bowl, and Personal Growth

Trusting Myself but Clearing Old Friendships

I wrote an entire post on the best and worst of 2006—talk about a good summary to revisit! There was a strong connection between the self-trust and not having voices around me that doubted me.

For me, I think the best and the worst are usually connected in some way. A death and rebirth kind of thing.  Saying goodbye to an old way of life opens to something new that can be more fulfilling….

…The best of 2006 was learning  to trust myself—my intuition, my desires, my will. The most significant part of realizing this self-trust was the moment my intuition kicked in and I actually listened to it and knew, knew, knew that it was right….  Trusting my intuition—was definitely the best thing that happened to me in 2006.

… The worst was definitely  losing  people  I  loved—abruptly—and  saying goodbye to relationships  I thought would be part of my life until I drew my last breath…. Those relationships were out of balance and probably had been for a while, and that losing them was absolutely necessary for my personal and spiritual growth. I don’t think there’s any way I could have made the progress I’ve made….

— from The Best and Worst of 2006

Building my Body of Work

…A High Priestess  friend  of mine “laid cards” for me when we were both in Daytona for a convention…. She  used  a  very  unusual  configuration  of  cards (Witches’ Tarot) to describe  the progression  of my life from Spring 2006 to Spring 2007.

The first card…was the Queen of Wands [representing me]…. I was told then  that  I’d  already  begun  my  journey,  started  taking steps toward this particular future. 

The Eight of Pentacles, the next card in the progression meant,  in essence,  “building  your body of work.” This  represented projects ahead and getting my written words out there and available to the public.… I suddenly  realized  how  many  projects  in  my  “body  of work” I already have out there and how many more are not too far behind or are half-written or are at least fully plotted in my head.

…I told [my daughter] the story behind a  thriller  I  plotted  years  ago…. We talked about  the  black arts/black ops series I’ve plotted that  feature  the  daughter  in  Dark Revelations. [Lilah from Sleeping With Demons, Lost Teachings of Dead Monks, Curses in Disguise, Librarians and Witches and other books in the Secret Lives of Librarians universe].… I so wanted to just drop everything and go write thrillers and suspense and dark, cutting edge stuff….Then I fully understood that I am building my body of work. 

…The last card, the Seven of Pents, was interpreted for me as being  happy  with my work  and having  projects completed that I utterly  adore.  It was about  getting  to that  place  where  I  could  finally  be  content  and  very happy with doing the things I want to do, thrilled with my creations, regardless of anyone else’s opinions.

— from Progress and Progression

What’s  Happening Right After the 24-25 March 2024 Eclipse in My Life?

It’s wild to me, looking back on these now at the repeating themes as well as how those themes evolved with each eclipse.    The March 2024 lunar eclipse and the upcoming 8 April solar eclipse sandwich me between and herald a major new phase of my life.  Within a day of the March lunar eclipse, I left my Acquisition career field and will begin—as soon as I’m done with taxes and laundry!—my focus on my writing career, and specifically on writing what I love.  

I’m leaving behind some old friendships and partnerships, including plans I’d had with my most recent employer of high-impact years.  I’m trusting my intuition to do what’s right for me.   I’m enjoying the creativity and re-establishing communities I’ve been away from in favor of my Acquisition career.  I’m building my body of work and preparing to expand it exponentially.   

It’s a culmination, and I’m delighted with where this March eclipse is taking me.  

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