Progress and Progression

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Truth.


Over three  months  ago,  a High  Priestess  friend  of mine “laid cards” for me when we were both in Daytona for a convention. She was very, very accurate in her readings, but one in particular fascinated me.

She  used  a  very  unusual  configuration  of  cards (Witches’ Tarot) to describe  the progression  of my life from Spring 2006 to Spring 2007. The timeline was odd, with movements woven together at different times for a particular  outcome.  I was  a little  skeptical  at the time, even though the cards triggered her gift of sight and she gave me some specific descriptions.

For months, I haven’t felt I’ve gotten very far in the progression.  Today, I discovered that progress has been made on this particular journey.

Though I kept it at first a secret,  I’ll now tell the first three  cards  of  the  progression,  though  with  only  the briefest of explanations. I’ve  seen  evidence already of the  fourth and final card in play,                      though not yet to its fruition, and the four cards that contribute  to the outcome are also certainly in play.

The first card, where I was then in mid-May 2006, was the Queen of Wands. In brief, she represented me, as the Queen of Wands/Rods/Spears so often does. I was told then  that  I’d  already  begun  my  journey,  started  taking steps toward this particular future. I was given specifics, all of which were true or had yet to happen.

Little did I know that within a week, the association would be complete, and all of the actions described to me had taken place except for one, and it’s not expected until next Spring when this cycle is complete.

The Eight of Pentacles, the next card in the progression meant,  in essence,  “building  your body of work.” This  represented projects ahead and getting my written words out there and available to the public. For most of the  past  three  months,  I’ve  felt  thwarted.  Too  much other work to do, too many old obligations to clear out, just too much of too much.

In talking to my mentor about my career transition, I suddenly  realized  how  many  projects  in  my  “body  of work” I already have out there and how many more are not too far behind or are half-written or are at least fully plotted in my head.

In talking to Shannon today, I told her the story behind a  thriller  I  plotted  years  ago,  Facing Demons. We talked about  the  black arts/black ops series I’ve plotted that  feature  the  daughter  in  Dark Revelations. We  talked about the reincarnation thriller I plotted years ago, Imaginary Friends. We  talked  about  the  suspense  novels  I’d planned as spin-offs  to Flying by Night.. We talked about the  won’t-ever-be-a-Bombshell series starting with Eye of the Serpent. We talked  about  the  Angel  books.  And the banshee books. And….I so wanted to just drop everything and go write thrillers and suspense and dark, cutting edge stuff.

Flying By Night novel

Then I fully understood that I am building my body of work. I have a  lot already done and plenty more yet to do, and I will write my crazy thrillers and they will be published. This card is already well underway in the progression of the year. I just didn’t realize it. And truthfully, as of last May, I still had too much work to do to claim to be at this point, but it’s been a fruitful summer.

The last card, the Seven of Pents, was interpreted for me as being  happy  with my work  and having  projects completed that I utterly  adore.  It was about  getting  to that  place  where  I  could  finally  be  content  and  very happy with doing the things I want to do, thrilled with my creations, regardless of anyone else’s opinions.

I have been wondering how many months before this card’s energy kicks in. I’d thought maybe next January, after I finish the first phase of my career transition training.  This  Autumn  seemed  too  short  notice,  especially since my mentor had said that January was pushing it.

Tonight, I walked into the office to check email and spotted the stack of Spilled Candy Books I’d left on the table to box up and ship out Tuesday morning. I had to stop and rearrange them and…play…with  them on the table. A total of 30 different books that I’d written, edited, or had  a hand  in birthing  into  the  physical  plane.  All books I love. All projects I love, whether I wrote them or not. My heart filled with pride and love for these works.

Then I backed up and took a good look. I’d swear the photograph I took should be the new 7 of Pentacles card.


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