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This link has led you to our previous Spilled Candy Books catalog.  The book that brought you here may or may not be part of the current LightningSeed Books catalog or, if there’s enough demand, we may make it available again.  Let us know what you’d like to see!

About the Publishers — Spilled Candy and LightningSeed

Spilled Candy Books, a component of Spilled Candy Enterprises LLC, was originally founded by Lorna Tedder in 1995 as Spilled Candy Publications, with a focus on writers and later on spirituality. Spilled Candy was a tiny family-run business with a specific vision for our work and our authors’ work; therefore, we began downsizing in 2007 to concentrate more on our spiritual mission as well as our personal health and joy.

This small, independent press was among the first of the publishing revolution of the 21st century to use print-on-demand, ebooks, and direct sales that are business-as-usual in the current decade. However, just as the indie publishing and ebook revolution caught fire around 2012, we were forced to put most of work on hold due to contractual agreements and therefore allowed our agents and distributors to handle our books.

In 2017, as those contractual agreements ended, we transitioned to LightningSeed Books (LightningSeed Publishing, LLC) to align with changes in our family while continuing to allow middlemen to handle our distribution. We’ve not been happy with the growing control of middlemen in the publishing business–we were traditionally published authors when we started our own company to take advantage of more creative control over our work and get rid of the middlemen.  Over time, different middlemen have emerged, and we want to take back control of our work. In 2023, we will transition our business model under Lightning Seed Books, bringing back some of our original mission as well as direct sales and making our work available to libraries again.