Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra March 2024

March 2024 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra: All the Scary Details

The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra March 2024 presents a unique celestial phenomenon that invites a deeper exploration of its astrological significance.

It’s eclipse season here at The Spiritual Eclectic, so watch for more articles coming up on how this eclipse will affect you, including a meditation you can use.

But first, the basics.

Time and Date (UTC and Eastern Time):

24-25 March 2024

Penumbral Eclipse beginsMar 25 at 04:53 AM UTCMar 25 at 12:53 AM ET
Maximum EclipseMar 25 at 07:12 AM UTCMar 25 at 3:12 AM ET
Penumbral Eclipse endsMar 25 at 09:32 AM UTCMar 25 at 5:32 AM ET


4 hours, 39 minutes


Penumbral Lunar.  This type of eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the Earth’s penumbra, the outer part of its shadow. This type of lunar eclipse is subtler than a partial or total lunar eclipse because the Moon only slightly darkens, rather than becoming dramatically obscured or taking on a reddish color.

Where seen:

In a variety of countries, pending ideal conditions, to include:  United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, France; far eastern Asia and Australia, the Americas, and western Europe and Africa.

Most affected astrology signs:

People with personal planets within degrees (the closer, the stronger) at 5 Aries 7, 5 Cancer 7, 5 Libra 7, and 5 Capricorn 7 (all Cardinal signs)

General predictions among astrologers:

Astrologers generally view the 24-25 March 2024 full moon Libra eclipse as a powerful event signifying change and transformation, particularly in relationships:

  • Focus on Relationships: Since it’s a full moon in Libra, the sign of partnership, this eclipse is expected to highlight imbalances and areas for growth in close relationships.
  • Endings and New Beginnings: Eclipses often mark culminations and turning points. This eclipse might bring closure to unhealthy bonds or unresolved issues, paving the way for healthier connections.
  • Self-reflection and Prioritization: The eclipse may prompt you to re-evaluate your needs and prioritize your own well-being within relationships.


Overall favorable but will depend on the individual natal chart (see Most Affected Astrology Signs above)

Sign and Degree:

Begins at 5 Libra 7.

Sabian symbol:

At 5 Libra 7: A man teaching the true inner knowledge

14 March 2006 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse; 3 March 1988 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse; 12 February 1970 Partial Lunar Eclipse 

(Big hints:  What was going on in your life then?  There’ll be some reflection of that now.)

Saros Series:

113 – a sequence of lunar eclipses that repeat every 18 years, 11 1/3 days, depending on leap years  (or 19 eclipse years)

71 eclipses over 1262 years in the series, with this one being #64

Beginning 29 April 888 through 10 June 2150. (

Stressful configurations:

None in particular noted but pay attention to which astrological house it occurs in, both in beginning and leaving and any personal planets in those houses between 8 and 2 degrees of that sign.  Some astrologers note conjunctions 10 degrees away, but I generally don’t feel it strongly unless it’s within 3 degrees of a personal planet.

How Powerful, on a scale of 1-10:

Astrologers tend to view the 24-25 March 2024 lunar eclipse in Libra as quite impactful, landing somewhere around 7-8 on a scale of 1-10.

  • Lunar Eclipse: Eclipses themselves are considered more potent than regular full or new moons due to the alignment of celestial bodies.
  • First Eclipse of 2024: As the year’s first eclipse, it sets the tone for astrological influences throughout the year.
  • Libra’s Influence:  Libra is a cardinal sign, associated with initiation and new beginnings, further amplifying the potential for change.

Next up:  

  • Libra Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) meditation
  • Applied Astrology – Looking at how this eclipse series has affected me in the past

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