Libra Full Moon Eclipse Meditation

Libra Full Moon Meditation

The Libra Full Moon Meditation offers a serene journey into balance and harmony, aligning your inner energies with the tranquil light of the Libra moon. If you are using it in conjunction with a Libra Full Moon lunar eclipse, I recommend you read the previous post on details of the Libra lunar eclipse so you can incorporation this information into your meditation.

You may read the following the meditation or, if you prefer to listen, you can find the spoken version on my YouTube channel.

Written Meditation for a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse:

As we begin this guided meditation, I invite you to find a comfortable position.

Take a deep breath in… and let it out slowly.

With each breath, allow yourself to sink deeper into relaxation.

Imagine yourself standing at the edge of a mighty river, its powerful currents rushing by.

You hear the symphony of roiling water, a sound so deep it vibrates into your bones.

Pause here for a moment.

Feel the constant hum of the river’s energy vibrating through you, a reminder of nature’s ceaseless power and beauty.

Before you, notice a shallow pool.

The water is still and inviting, shimmering under the soft touch of sunlight.

This visual contrast to the river’s vigor captivates your gaze.

The surface, a canvas of blues and whites, invites you to lose yourself in its tranquility.

Take another deep breath, and as you exhale, imagine removing your shoes to step in.

Feel the cool liquid caressing your feet with a gentle embrace.

It tingles up your spine, connecting you instantly to the earth beneath.

Wade deeper now, allowing the river’s ancient energy to surround you, its coolness enveloping your body, awakening every sense to its raw purity.

Notice the water’s touch becoming more insistent, embracing your skin, urging you to let go of your reservations and immerse yourself fully.

Inhale deeply, and smell the fresh water mixed with the earthiness of the surrounding vegetation.

This clean, invigorating aroma promises renewal and purification.

Become aware now of the remnants of past woundings and struggles on your skin—the dirt and the blood.

Feel the gritty texture under your fingertips, a tangible reminder of your journey thus far.

Cup the pristine water in your hands and begin to wash it all away.

With each gentle stroke, layers of grief and pain dissolve.

Feel them releasing into the cool embrace of the river.

The water’s caress frees you from their burden, healing old scars.

As the river accepts your offering, carrying it off in its ceaseless flow, notice the sound of your past troubles diminishing.

Perhaps, instinctively touch your lips to taste the bitter yet cleansing water.

Emerging cleansed, feel a sense of rebirth, a lightness that fills your being.

The air around you tastes sweeter now, carrying the fresh scent of renewal, mingling with the earthy aroma of the riverbank.

The path behind is muddied but firmly in the past.

Before you, the river beckons, promising new vistas and profound awakenings. T

urn your face to the current, breathe deeply of its invigorating mist.

Feel the cool spray tantalizing your skin, filling your lungs with the promise of new beginnings.

No longer weighed down by what was, you become buoyant, flexible, adapting to the river’s twists and currents.

Each ripple and wave becomes a partner in your journey, teaching resilience when turbulence arises.

In calmer pools, rest, floating in profound stillness.

The silence realigns you with your deepest truths, the water’s embrace like a whisper of peace.

Notice the river’s banks teeming with life and wisdom.

The vibrant colors are a feast for your eyes, painting a landscape of endless exploration.

Living philosophies and a growing sense of awareness whisper through shadowed glades.

Spirit animals appear, guiding you with their ancient ways.

Their eyes meet yours in silent communion, sharing the wisdom of the ages.

Surrender to the river’s teachings, and remember—you are not separate but an inextricable part of this vast, dynamic ecosystem.

The taste of the air, the feel of the water, the sounds of life around you, all remind you that this journey is shared, a passage through the tapestry of existence.

Feel the connection to the water, the land, and all living beings as a profound truth, resonating through your being like the river’s timeless song.

Take a few more deep, slow breaths.

Hold onto the sense of peace and connectedness you’ve found here.

When you’re ready, gently bring your awareness back to the present moment, carrying the tranquility of the river with you.

Audio Meditation for a Libra Full Moon:

You can find an audio version of this meditation on my YouTube channel under my Audiobooks and Meditations playlist. I’m now opening this free channel up for subscriptions, so remember to subscribe so I can make it worthwhile to share audiobooks at YouTube. I need only 1000 subscribers to hit the algorithm to expand the channel.

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