The Leptin Reset: Week 6 Results – the Big Ass Breakfast Sweats It

Grilled Salmon: a regular Big Ass Breakfast!
Grilled Salmon makes a great big ass breakfast!

Another big ass breakfast: Grilled salmon. This dish is about 10 ounces of salmon. Normally I grill 20-30 ounces of salmon at one time on my Foreman grill, then bag the other 1-2 portions for my next big ass breakfasts. This meal will typically “hold” me for 7-8 hours, with no hunger, no cravings, no thought of food at all. It takes only a few minutes to grill all portions and then less than 2 minutes to warm over the subsequent portions.

Six weeks of eating big ass breakfasts! Week 6 ended at a steady place for me, with the last of the leptin sensitivity symptoms kicking in: a change in sweating patterns. As discussed in previous posts (see leptin reset keyword below for more), the other symptoms have kicked in and I’m sleeping easily now, weight is steady, feeling good, and I’m having absolutely no cravings for the first time in my entire memory. The big ass breakfast works! The only thing lacking as I went into Week #6 was a change in sweating patterns.

Then, about half-way through the week, I noticed something different. Okay, so the temps were in the high 90’s and the humidity almost as high. My first thought was that I was more sensitive to the heat than I’d been in screaming hot June or July or early August. Within a few more days, it was clear to me that the last of the changes had taken place. Perspiration at moderate physical activity came much more quickly.

It’s still too hot to do much outside.  Florida heat and humidity in summertime can be dangerous, so I’m limiting myself to leisurely walks at sunset, after my last meal of the day.  I’m still alternating between a big ass supper and two light meals (lunch and supper), and regardless, I have a big ass breakfast within 30 minutes of waking every single day.


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