How a Pagan Goes to Church

pagan church
A carpet of green moss

If a pagan goes to church in the Cathedral of Nature, then there’s no finer carpet than this beautiful green moss under my bare feet on a Sunday morning.

pagan green
Sweet Gum tree above the light

As a child, I always loved finding this kind of moss on the ground, thick and lush.  I never dreamed that my side yard would one day be covered in it.   I love the sunlight across the green, the way it highlights the colors.

A pagan goes to church
A tree star

For Christmas years ago, my big brother gave me a sea grape plant for my back yard.  The sea grape grew to 2-3 feet tall and stopped, but the seedling in the pot didn’t stop.  The seedling became a sweet gum tree, now towering over the side yard and shading it in the summertime.

A pagan's church
A “porcupine egg”


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