Celebrating with a Sale! and Dreams Coming True

Through the month of May, all the ebooks below are on sale for $2.99 or less, even the $19.95 non-fiction guides.  Why?  Well, I’m celebrating and want to share that with you.  Price goes back up in June, by the way–we’ll celebrate something else then, some other way…probably the first couple of episodes of The Secret Lives of Librarians.  

Here at the mid-point of my life, I am not in a dark wood wandering as Dante was in his Divine Comedy.   The last two years have been just…incredible.  Through my studies on manifestation, particularly with the Teachings of Abraham, bringing dreams to fruition has become not only achievable but in many cases…easy.  I’m almost afraid to say that out loud so I don’t jinx it, but I’ve really come to understand setting intentions and seeing the most incredible situations unfold before me.  I still work very hard, but then, I always have worked hard.  The difference is that in the last two years in particular, something shifted and at last in my life, I am seeing the pay-off.

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This is happening in most areas of my life, particularly the ones I tend to focus on most:  relationship, career, creativity/writing, family, and health.  It’s been two years since a relationship suddenly and shockingly ended, making way for an entirely different life.  The energy changed over the next few months after that to focusing on what I wanted–for a change–and that if anything in my life wasn’t satisfying, then I could change it.  There comes a time in your life when you realize you’ve taken care of everyone else and put yourself second because their needs came first, especially younger children, sick family, and needy friends.  It may have been easier to be second or even last for a decade or two, but at mid-life, you realize that you could spend the rest of your life allowing the dreams and needs of others to take precedence and you begin to wonder, “When will it ever be my turn?”  And in the last couple of years, that’s the point I’ve come to.

When will it be my turn?  Now.

I look back at the relationship that ended and thank the Gods.  I was within hours of making the biggest mistake of my life, one that would have severely limited my future if not destroyed it, when that bolt of lightning came down and showed me the one thing that would make me leave without looking back.  Well, except to take that smoldering bolt out of the ground and hurl it back at him, which had not generally been my style in the past.  Had that relationship stayed intact in any form, I would not have met the best friend I’ve ever had.  Once that previous relationship fell away, I could feel  something very different forming in the air:  a deep and fulfilling friendship, even though it was a while later before I realized it.

Abundance in any one area of my life has flowed over in to all other areas. You know how it’s easy to feel scarcity in all parts of your life when you feel lack in one?  Imagine my surprise and enthusiam to discover that abundance can multiply just like lack always has for me!

In the last 18 months, I am accomplishing the best health of my life, writing books passionately and with no one’s permission but my own, immersing myself in a deeply compassionate friendship with someone who has become my rock in tragedy and the first person to share my celebration with, and loving my job again after a long time of settling for what was best for my children.

Here’s the part I want to celebrate right now:

Around 18 months ago, my bff asked me what kind of dream job I wanted and to describe it to him.  I was in a staff job because of my custody arrangement but with my younger daughter leaving for college, the legal connstraints were about to fall away.  It was time to dream about my next job and even whether I wanted to move to a new city.  I told him the kind of work I wanted to do and even the three customers I wanted to work with.

After that, it was a relatively quick bam-bam-bam-bam of things happening, falling into place.  Suddenly I was working with the people I wanted to work with, the customers I wanted to support, doing the kind of work I love most.  Quickly after that, I was promoted.  And then something seemingly terrible happened:  we were told we were facing a major command reorganization.  Out of the ashes something that seemed so dire, a new group has been created that will take my current job to the next level, and I will be in charge of it in three days..  How did that happen?  By the time I return from my pilgrimage this summer, I will be 100% in my dream job.  Not just my current idea of a dream job, but the dream job I have had for two decades.

This.  Feels.  Like.  A miracle.

All of it does.  Everything in my life feels like a miracle.  And that means what I need to do is stop and realize that and inhale the long and lovely breath of appreciation at the thought of what I have and how my path has led me here, even through the strangest of territory and dangerous pitfalls.

I am not in a dark wood wandering.  I am walking with pleasure and purpose through an enchanted forest full of moonlight, and in wonder.

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