A Man Called Regret: A Southern Romantic Suspense Novel

A sensual romance novelA Man Called Regret: A Southern Romantic Suspense Novel

by Lorna Tedder

Published by Spilled Candy Books, a component of Spilled Candy Enterprises, LLC

When pilot Regret James crash-landed in Cornerstone, Georgia, he found himself knee-deep in fields full of trouble. The single mother who saved his life was being bullied by yahoos, the local cops were numbskulls, and Trudy Sandlin’s little daughter was yanking away on his heartstrings.

No matter. Regret was flying out of there the minute his plane was fixed.

When Regret realized Trudy was really in BIG trouble, he vowed to stay only long enough to see her safe. So what if the woman made him feel good? So what if now he had his own big problem that couldn’t be solved by leaving?

(This is an ebook version of a previously published novel under the pseudonym Lauren Shelley.)

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