Access: An End Times Thriller


Access: An End Times Thriller

by Lorna Tedder

Published by Spilled Candy Books, a component of Spilled Candy Enterprises, LLC

ISBN 978-1-892718-12-9

An abandoned baby brings back paralyzing memories for a tough-as-nails negotiator for the Department of Defense. Tired of being everyone else’s pillar of strength, L. Madison Steele longs for the luxury of being weak-just once-but too many people depend on her. Framed for espionage and murder, Madison must reach deep into her soul if she is to recover stolen biological warfare secrets and ultimately save the world.

Lt. Jon Colter, son of a psychic hypnotherapist and a militia leader, knows a terrifying secret: that far too many people-from the Iraqi government to international terrorists to backyard militia groups to the kid down the street-have access to biological weapons and reason to use them. Reluctant to accept his own psychic gifts, Jon makes it his mission in life to protect Madison Steele. Only Jon has seen the cracks in her veneer. Only Jon has heard her weeping in her sleep. Only Jon shares with her an ancient past and a dangerous future.

Readers–please note that while there are many Lorelei-type heroines available in new fiction, this heroine and her story were unique and original when she was created in the mid-1990’s. Much of the backstory and technology of this end times thriller will be familiar to viewers of CNN now, but at the time of its original publication, this information was newly declassified.Flying By Night novel

Witch Moon Waning is a prequel to this complex and long novel.

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