Fire Burning in Water

Fire Burning in Water:

The Law of Attraction, Examples of Misuse & Successes, Plus Other Universal Laws

A Priestess Diary Book

by Lauren Hartford

Published by Spilled Candy Books, a component of Spilled Candy Enterprises, LLC

ISBN 978-1-892718-88-4

“How can you feel good and bring great things into your life when everything around you is so bad?”

The Law of Attraction says that you have to think it, feel it, and know it before you can draw your dream to you.

For Lauren, her dream wasn’t to get rich but to have a joyful life with the man she loved. She made mistakes. A lot.

Somewhere in the future, a broken man named Jesse Matthews returns to his former lover to find out what went wrong in his life and why her visions never came true for them. It’s nothing that Universal Law can’t explain.

But is it easier to change the future? Or the past?

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