Balance Is the Key to the Law of Attraction Vortex

Photo copyright by Andrew Dixon; creative commons license.

I don’t recall ever feeling better in my life than I do right now unless I was head-over heels in love or just hanging up from an editor’s call saying she wanted to publish my book or being wheeled out of the delivery room to see my newborn.  Even then, those times were not a better feeling and were more event-dependent.  What’s going on with me right now is completely internal to me, no external lovers or children of my body or children of my creative heart.

It’s there because

I’ve found the key to getting into what Abraham-Hicks calls the Law of Attraction “vortex.”

It’s balance.

Balance has always been a toughie for me.  I’m very intuitive and empathic and tend to see all sides of a story to the point where I can understand and support just a
bout anyone in their decisions.   Unfortunately, that’s sometimes been to my detriment because I was supporting someone else and not myself.

That’s been true for me in my career(s) as well as in my relationships.  But at the moment, my career is evenly balanced with my home and social life.  My creative work is balanced with freedom and revenue.  My relationships are in balance, too, even though some aren’t really happy about that at the moment.  The best part is that I’m guilt-free about being in balance.  Yes, other people may have to do more than they’d wanted for our relationships to be balanced, but it’s equal now, and I’m not doing the bulk of the work to keep the relationship intact.

I’m not doing anyone else’s work for them, just my own.

And the result is…euphoria.  This is that sense of the “vortex”–that light, airy, everything’s-just-fine feeling of being at one with the Universe.

My decisions a month ago at the Winter Solstice have closed old doors that were sucking the life of out me, and new doors can open that had been forced shut by the vacuum of my energy going elsewhere.  Life is balanced now, and for me, all is well.


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