3 Reasons Psychics Are Bad for the Law of Attraction—and 1 Good One

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Visiting a psychic can be an incredibly bad thing in terms of the Law of Attraction, even if that psychic is the real deal.  Whether it’s for entertainment,  spiritual counseling, or just to talk through personal issues, a psychic advisor can help you attract what you want—or what you dread. Here’s why:

  1. Psychics give you a finer focus on one possible future and helps you draw it to you, if you believe it.

It’s been said that you can prove any psychic wrong, just by focusing attention on making sure it doesn’t happen.  Both history and fiction are loaded with examples of kings who tried to prove astrologers and soothsayers wrong, even killing the messenger.  The old hag stands before the heirless king and foretells the coming of a new king, a boy born in the next year.  After the worried ruler has her executed, he then slaughters every boy born in the next year, causing  two young lovers to flee the land before her belly shows.  The baby is born in secret, only to swear to avenge his people when he becomes a man. Yeah, we’ve all heard this story.  The baby becomes a powerful man who takes the throne 20 years later.  The king’s strong focus on keeping his kingdom actually fulfills the prophecy by creating so much ill will that he is easily overthrown when the time comes.

It doesn’t matter if you see a psychic at a faire just once or if you have your favorite clairvoyant on speed dial—whatever you’re told becomes part of your subconscious associations with that idea, event, or person.  If a psychic tells you that love will elude you,

that prediction is part of your new programming.  You may take her at her word and give up on romantic partnerships or you may decide to prove her wrong and alter how you interact with potential mates.   If you believe her, you will either subconsciously look for ways to make it happen or dread it so much that you bring it to you on a silver platter.

Scammer “psychics” may offer a free or cheap reading and then just happen to discover “dark forces” around a client—which can be easily removed for the low, low price of $400.  Not that some people don’t have darkness around them, but this is hogwash.  A scammer can not only take your money but also help you to attract darkness around you because the possibility of its presence is implanted into your subconscious.  Most people, if told they’re under a curse by someone who “sees all,”  will worry about it every time life goes askew.

The up side of this laser-beam focus on a particularly outcome is that a real psychic can tell you what to watch for and you may be able to change it—if you allow yourself to believe that you can.   For example, if you realize, via an intuitive counselor, that your colleagues misunderstood something you did at work, then you can take action to communicate more clearly with them and fix the problem.

  1. How a psychic sees the world can affect how you create your future.

If you visit a psychic, make sure it’s one who’s positive-minded and happy.  Otherwise, everything that’s introduced to you can portend a dark and dreary future.   In Carolyn Myss’ Advanced Energy Anatomy audiobook, she rails against people who seek out psychics because of what the seekers allow into their world from a psychic.  Myss doesn’t give much respect to intuitive counselors (other than herself because, as she tells us often, she’s right so do it her way) but she does make a good point that reflects my own experiences with the mindset of others.

If a psychic advisor lives in a world that’s harsh and dark, that will be the nature of the reading.  If he or she is a well-grounded, compassionate, happy, go-with-the-flow type, then the reading will be more positive.  Each will pass on to their client exactly how they see the world.

An intuitively-gifted acquaintance of mine took a six-week course in Tarotreading and came home depressed every Wednesday after the class was over.  She learned the meanings of all the cards but only the negative meanings.  Every card indicated something terrible, and she looked for it.  Her amateur readings were dreary and depressing.  Her Tarot teacher was called out of town on an emergency shortly before Lesson #5, and a substitute was called in. The substitute was upbeat, fun, and very balanced in her readings and teachings.  The student learned that readings didn’t have to be dire and learned to look for the positive in the cards to balance the potential for negative because each Tarot card represented a whole range of manifestations.  Her outlook and the tone of her readings pivoted 180 degrees.  Suddenly the dreaded Tower Card in a reading didn’t just mean the likelihood of catastrophe but a gentler sense of regeneration, of getting through some difficulty but landing on one’s feet, rebuilding in a better way,  upgrading to a better future.

A spiritual leader once told me that if you leave a counseling session with feelings of doom, the counselor has not done his job.   The purpose of seeking advice is to get better insight into how to handle a situation, whether it’s in the present or future.  If you leave a Tarot reading or any type of counseling that involves divination and feel god-awful, do not ever taint yourself with that person again.  Even if your insights are not 100% positive, you should feel better coming out than going in because you should now feel better prepared to deal with your situation.  If you feel bad leaving, you’re far more likely to bring a negative result into your life.

  1.       How a psychic interprets information can affect how you create your future.

From a psychological viewpoint, I’ve been quite fascinated with how intuitives receive and pass along information.  So much of it is in the interpretation of what they see.  Some just have a “knowing” that they cannot explain.  A feeling.  Others rely on flashes of insight, often in visual form.    Whenever speaking with intuitives who “receive” visually, I like to ask them to describe what they see rather than just telling me their interpretation.  I find that the visual is often correct—much like picking up television signals that are broadcast—but the interpretation is seriously off-kilter—much like seeing only a two-second preview of a TV show no one’s ever heard of and trying to figure out what it’s about.

For example, one particular psychic told a client that she saw the woman’s husband moving out.  This prompted the client to go home and confront her husband with all sorts of insane drama that, if it had continued, certainly might have caused the husband to move to the other side of the planet to get away from her.  Fortunately—or unfortunately?—something happened first.  The psychic had had a very clear vision of the husband, upset, carrying boxes out of the house with clear markings on them such as “Important papers—office” and “Picture frames—family room.”   He wasn’t divorcing her though.  A water pipe burst in their home and flooded two rooms, calling for a complete overhaul of that part of the house and some quick packing of what could be salvaged.  The psychic had personally experienced several relationships ending with men packing boxes and leaving, and since that was her frame of reference for the vision, she interpreted it as the break-up of the marriage.

Don’t be afraid to ask psychics how they receive their information.  Whether it’s channeled through some angel or entity, visions, or just a deep knowing, you must always take into account the source of their information and the filters they use in their interpretations.  If a psychic hesitates to share hid process, you’re left with blindly accepting his word and focusing on those possibilities—and bringing to you something that might not be the best possible future.  With the Law of Attraction, it’s easy to manifest predictions you believe in because you quickly get into the vibration of “it’s already here.”

The best way to use a psychic for your Law of Attraction work:

I’m not saying that you should avoid psychics altogether, even authentic ones.  In fact, there’s a wonderful way to use psychics to check your Law of Attraction work to see if you’re on the course you want to be on, or, in Law of Attraction lingo, to see if you’re vibrating at the frequency of what you desire.  This can help you uncover hidden hindrances.

When a real psychic looks into your life, he or she is looking at an energetic snapshot of that moment in time.  This doesn’t mean that it will definitely happen that way.  It’s a heading check for what you are bringing into your life or have brought into your life already.   If a real psychic sees relationship problems on the horizon, it’s an opportunity to adjust your own mindset so that you can bring something more positive into your life.  When a friend of mine used to read for me about once a month, every reading had the Tower Card in it.  Month after month after month.  She was dumbfounded because no one else she worked with had more Tower Cards than I did.  But emotionally, that’s where I was and what I was manifesting—hardship I could steel myself for and rebound from because I was strong.  I made a conscious decision to bring positive, healthy, happy relationships into my life and the Tower Cards disappeared from my readings.  I got in to that mindset, that vibration, of feel-good relationships.  Instead of monthly disaster, I started seeing lots of 2 of cups, 4 of wands, 10 of pentacles, and 10 of cups showing up in reading after reading.  For me, it was confirmation that I’d made the mental shift to a better place and from there, I could manifest those happier relationships rather than all that Tower Card drama.


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