It’s not that I am trying to change the cards that have already been dealt.  Instead, my plan is to change the cards that I WILL be dealt.

Every now and then, a friend and I “lay cards”  and by that, I mean that we toss a few Tarot cards and talk about their meaning, and we interpret those cards for the near future and the longer-term.  They’re a wonderful tool for triggering certain ideas, breakthroughs, perceptions, responses, both in the reader and the one read for.

My friend jokes with me that I always pull such powerful cards, often the same power cards EVERY SINGLE TIME.  She shuffles, she tosses them onto the table, and time and again, they’ll be the same.  I’m amused by it and don’t really mind because most of these cards are nice power-cards and terrific affirmations.  But some aren’t so nice and I get them repeatedly.  Oh, like the Tower Card, for example.  Or the Happy Squirrel of Death.

I’ve had this happen with other Tarot-loving friends, too.  Three years ago, in every reading, I kept getting the Two of Cups in regard to one particular person.  Separate days, different decks, many variables, same card.  We kept testing, just having fun, and there it was every time.  Oh, and the Tower Card was in there a few times, too.

“Why is it,” I ask my friend, “that I seem to get some of the same cards over and over and yet others, I never get…at ALL?”
“Well, honey, which cards do you WANT?”

That was a whiplash moment. For the most part, my cards have been heavily focused on business, ideas, projects.   And I’ve been focused on that, too.   My readings seldom focus on relationships and emotions  and when they do, it’s usually that frakking Tower Card again.   No simple, lovely Two of Cups for a new relationship or a Four of Wands or a Ten of Cups.   Nope, if I get cups for myself, it’s mostly going to be an 8 of Cups, read in such as way that’s usually about redefining myself and what I want.   I’ve noticed a trend though–I’ve been getting fewer conflict cards, a bazillion idea cards, solid money cards, and usually family-related emotional cards.   Once read, I digest where I am in those life areas and if there are any changes I want to make in the life I’m leading.

And yet, I’ve never considered it in the way of “which cards do you WANT?”

I think of this now as a form of vision-boarding.  I consider all the cards I want to be thrown for me–cards that represent expansion of various areas of my life.  What cards do I want to see more of?  Less of?  What cards do I want to introduce into my world, fully representing the coming manifestation of all that I desire?

It’s not a matter of dealing with the cards I’ve been dealt–good or bad–but deciding which cards I want dealt for me in the future.  That means thinking ahead, anticipating good things, wonderful new things, pleasant familiar things, and lots of happy, dancing, celebratingpeople on the cards next time.



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