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For years, I’ve hated Mercury in Retrograde.   It’s typically the time when contract negotiations go askew, cell phones and computers blow up,  cars have to be towed to the shop, anything with mechanical and communications sectors of daily life that can go wrong WILL go wrong.

But Mercury in Retrograde is also very, very good for reconnecting with people from the past, and it never fails now that I get at least one big surprise blast from the past –and sometimes I hear from 4 or 5 old friends or colleagues.

The last retrograde period brought a showstopper back to my doorstep, and it made me realize that these retrogrades often answer questions I’ve been looking for answers to and affirms the course I’m taking.  For example, an old college friend reappeared in my life right after I put out the signal to the Universe, “I want to know more about _____.”   The same happened with the showstopper, as well as the other half-dozen people who reunited with me during that retrograde.  Each had some important tidbit of information or something…icky…I needed to release for good.

So I’ve been combining Mercury Retrogrades with, oh, the Law of

Attraction!  Yep, fun.

A couple of weeks ago, Shannon told me she thought that one day I’d have a motorcycle, and to my surprise, I found myself telling her that I see that, too.  Easily.  I think that definitely by the time I’m in my 50’s, I’ll be riding regularly.  It’s something I’ve always loved but never got into because of my mom’s frequent frantic warnings, exacerbated by various idiot cousins’ hotdogging accidents.  But with my recent discover of my brother’s foray into biker events , I’m finding it more on my mind. “Why in your 50″s?” Shannon asked.  “Why not now?”

Simple.  I don’t know enough about it now or how to get into it safely.  But I put the message out to the Universe to attract an answer.

Today, 48 hours into this Mercury Retrograde period, I got a message from another old friend, someone I hadn’t heard from in around 7 years and had seen only once or twice since college.  He was someone I could always count on without a single doubt, ever.   I’d been on his mind, and he sought me out, courtesy of my personal website.  He’s not my big brother, but I do think of him that way.  He was my Hell’s-Angel-type biker pal who came to my rescue more than once when I was in college and more than once threatened to kill anyone who hurt me in any way.

About half-way through our conversation, he mentioned his return to his biker days, now older and wiser and probably as much of a free spirit as he ever was.  In the span of a few minutes, he told me everything I wanted to know about motorcycles and plenty I didn’t know to ask.  He was absolutely the best person in my life to give me this information.

When putting forth a request for something while Mercury is in Retrograde, I’m finding that the answer often comes from the past.  Plus, I’m really blessed with some of these reconnections that take place!

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