The Real Secret to Manifesting Reunions with Old Lovers (or anyone else)

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What an amazing discovery!  It’s not focusing on what we don’t want or focusing on the wrong things that hinders the manifesting process—though both are important in the Law of Attraction, prayer, magick, or however you apply Universal Law to your life.  What keeps you from manifesting what you really want is…resistance.

Yes, of course, I’ll explain.  And I’ll explain it in the context of the #1 reason people search my blogs and websites for information on manifesting.  No, not how to get rich quickly and attract an abundance of cash and material treasures.  No, the main interest my readers have in the Universal Law of Attraction is “How do I attract a particular person?”  Not “How do I attract a mate?” because finding a mate—just any old mate—is not very difficult.  Not even “How do I attract a new person in my life?” because that’s not hard either.  The one that seems to elude most people is how “attract back” an old lover.  This one is the hardest of all types of manifesting because, in my opinion, the heart is involved and that makes the resistance stronger than any other kind of desire to attract something.

There are many types of resistance when it comes to manifesting.  The more external the resistance, the easier to overcome.  The resistance may be societal, but two people in love will find their way around it, usually.  Maybe it’s family or friends.  That’s harder.  Their influence is more personal.  Sometimes friends or family will intentionally put up blocks to keep two people apart, or if not overtly, they spout constant negativity or doubt that causes you to question the relationship, so that resistance is created where there was none before.  But the hardest type of resistance and the most difficult to get beyond comes from within….This article is included in its entirety in


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