Questions from Readers: Empaths, Dysfunctional Families, and Insomnia

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To save time and share information more efficiently, I’ve decided to answer some of the questions I’m asked via email and my Facebook fan page, provided I can answer in a few words to a few sentences.  If not, I may devote an entire post to a question.

I’m often surprised at what people ask–and how common the questions are.  Here’s a taste:

Why can I feel my ex energetically before I see him?

Because, like it or not, you are still connected.  From personal experience, I can tell you that such a bond can fade with time as well as with establishing a stronger connection with someone else.  I’ve used a particular releasing ritual to sever the attachment, but I have had more than one ex re-attach energetically and have to be severed again.    Another possibility is that both you and your ex want to maintain your previous bond and neither is ready to let it fade or be cut.  Maybe the relationship isn’t really over?  Hmmm, been there.

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Can protein drinks cause sleeplessness?

From what friends tell me, yes.  For me personally, they tend to have the opposite effect and I sleep better.  Go figure.  Everybody’s different.

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Why did God create empaths?

I think empaths are a reminder of exactly how connected we are under the skin.  We can be isolated and alone in our lives, either physically or emotionally,  and it’s truly blessing to be able to sense a lover or child’s strong affection for us.  We may also sense darker emotions and know that something is wrong, so we can be there for that lover or child and offer support.  Empaths understand in a way that non-empaths never will:  we are all connected.

How do I bring peace to a dysfunctional family?

Peace has to be something everyone wants.  That peace may come in different ways–a big happy reunion with forgiveness all the way around and group counseling to work through old patterns or…segments of the family happily finding peace by not being part of the drama and seceding from the larger family unit.  Peace doesn’t look the same to everyone, and sometimes if the family is particularly toxic, you have to distance yourself from it.  In my personal experience, there are “blood kin” with whom I will never have a relationship  because my life is much better without the perpetual cocktail of high drama, petty crimes, racist remarks, negativity–although busybodies have occasionally tried to force me into a reconciliation in the name of “peace.”  As a counselor once told me, you can forgive someone without going back to a relationship with them.


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