How the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse May Affect You: 28 November 2012

Lunar Eclipse 28 November 2012
Lunar Eclipse chart for my hometown, 28 November 2012

All the scary info about the penumbral lunar eclipse of 28 November 2012

Coming to this page late?  The greatest effect of the eclipse is usually within 3 days AFTER, and then 30 days after, then 3 months after. Solar eclipses are about beginnings; lunar eclipses are about endings.

First, the basics.

Time and Date:

November 28, 2012;  begins 6:15 AM  Central (here in NW Florida) and ends 10:15 AM.  Greatest effect at 8:33 AM with the full moon exact at 8:46 AM.


Penumbral lunar eclipse

Where seen:

Most visible: Alaska, Hawaii, Australia, East Asia

Also visible: Western Canada/US

General predictions among astrologers:

Most astrologers are seeing this one as very intense…in the bad, upsetting sort of way. I tend to agree.


Not really favorable.  This one has some very strong conjunctions and energies.  Moon conjunct Jupiter is usually favorable.  In fact, this is the conjunction I often see in progressed charts where pregnancy occurs. It’s a creative combination of energy, sort of a life-making, birth-making energy.  That’s the best part of this lunar eclipse. But don’t get too excited yet–note that Lilith is between the Moon and Jupiter.  Lilith, some believe, is indicative of “the Other Woman.”  I’ve, ahem, found that true too many times to count.  It’s definitely a love triangle energy, and so it lends a bit of sexual overtone to this eclipse, if you choose to read it that way.

Moon is also square both Neptune and Chiron.  Moon square Neptune tends to be a romantic fantasy/delusion indicator.  Moon square Chiron usually indicates difficulty in expressing emotional needs.  Yeah, not sure I like where this is going.

We’ve also got Venus conjunct Saturn, a usual sign of love commitments. Most exact of conjunctions in this chart is Mars conjunct Pluto, an explosive, break-apart kind of energy of major intensity.

I won’t get into all the fixed stars that are bad omens in this eclipse (or at least very intense signs), but let’s look at that yod.  A yod is a “finger of God” pointing at an outcome.  Usually we see two planets at 60 degrees apart pointing at a planet 150 degrees apart.  If you look at the chart above, you’ll see a green dashed line from the Mars-Pluto conjunction and the Venus-Saturn conjunction pointing at the Moon-Jupiter conjunction with Lilith right there in the middle of it, at the exact degree of the yod.  So Mars/Pluto at 8 degrees, Venus at 8 degrees, and Lilith at 8 degrees.  This is a time of love triangles where there is commitment (or structure) and breaking apart focused on the energy of the 3rd party, which seems to be the more exciting, new energy in the threesome.

Whether this is countries on a global scale or love affairs on the personal scale, this is the energy of this eclipse.  Frankly, it scares the hell out of me!  Expect chaos and intensity, especially if you have personal planets conjunct, opposite, or square this eclipse.

Sign and Degree:

6 Gemini 47

Sabian symbol:

Moon:  “A well with bucket and rope under the shade of majestic trees.”

Sun:  ” Cupid knocks at the door of the human heart.”

But wait!  Let’s look at that yod!

Mars/Pluto at 8 Capricorn: “An angel carrying a harp”

Venus at 8 Scorpio: “A dentist at work”

and that scary third party, Lilith, at 8 Gemini: “A quiver filled with arrows”

Most recent related eclipses:

November 18, 1994

Big hint:  what was going on in your life then?

There’ll be some reflection in this eclipse.  Read Parallel Eclipses and How They Influence your Life (Part I)  for clues.   It’s not always a bad thing, so don’t immediately fret.

As I’ve stated in my look back at the solar eclipse from this era:

For me, I remember life being very, very busy.  We’d just moved into a new house, my younger daughter was in potty training, my first book had just been published at a major publishing house–a very productive and busy time!  I also remember that I’d burned the candles at both ends for too long and I was only months away from a major health issue that changed the course of my career, family, everything.  There’s a lesson for me there to remember this time because I can feel myself edging back toward those burning candles.  What lessons did you miss last time that you need to know now?

Given my recent issues when adrenal exhaustion, I’m working to put my health in a better place, plus to be in a happier place relationship-wise than then.  Both my health and my relationship suffered tremendously six months later because I made bad choices.  This time, I hope to correct that situation and go after what makes me happy.

Saros Series:

145 — This series consists of 71 eclipses starting in 1832 and ending in 3094(!). That’s 1262 years.


How it may affect you personally

You will be most affected by this eclipse if you have a planet at 6 degrees Gemini or within a few degrees of either side.  Next most affected with be opposite at 6 degrees Sag, and feeling it strongly at its square at 6 Pisces and 6 Virgo.  I’m guessing that 8 Gemini, where Lilith is at the heart of things, will be another contention point of those of you with planets at or near 8 Gemini.

For a detailed explanation of how houses where the eclipse occurs and conjunct planets to the eclipse will influence you, take a look at these articles and apply the information to the current eclipse.

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Meditation idea

Sabian symbols are good starting points for meditations.  Depending on your personal situation or whether you choose to “go global,” choose the symbols listed above for a launching place of your meditation.  For me, I’ve got that yod heavily on my mind….

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