How the November 2011 New Moon (Solar) Eclipse Might Affect You (Part 1 of 3)

This trio of articles covers finding out how the solar, or new moon, eclipse of 25 November 2011 might affect you astrologically by looking at parallel and related eclipses, house placement, and planets in conjunction or opposition to the eclipse.

  1.   Parallel and related eclipses:

For a better understanding of the Saros and Metonic series, read Parallel Eclipses and How They Influence your Life (Part I), which explains the terminology and gives examples of cycles in eclipses.

The  most recent related eclipse occurred

1 June 2011.  To get a feel for what issues might resurface for you with the November eclipse,  think back on what was happening in your life at that time. Also, eclipse patterns repeat in your life every 19 years, so look back at what was happening in your life around 25 November 1992.  (That one’s easy for me–I was giving birth to my very overdue second child–the fun of this is seeing this eclipse conjunct her natal sun in her chart!)   If you blog or keep a journal, that’s not so hard to remember the more recent eclipses but looking back 19 years and 19 years before that isn’t easy, if even possible.  Look at what choices you made at that time–late 1992, 1973, and 1954–particularly the one 19 years ago if you’re fortunate enough to be over 35.  (One of the sweeter things about getting older is that you have a chance to see patterns develop over decades.)

This eclipse will in some way reflect what was happening in your life at that time.  Look back and see what themes emerge, what lessons you learned, and whether you’ll make different and better choices this time around.

If you have trouble remembering what you were doing, here are a few hints about what was in the news at the time.  Hopefully these events will jog your memory.

  1.       Late  1992

-Presidental election — Clinton elected — (I watched Ross Perot dance with his wife after conceding on the TV screen in Labor and Delivery, Round 1, and was back for Round 2 about 3 weeks later)

-1st test flight of Airbus A330

-Anglican Church & Church of England OK female priests

-“Malcolm X” with Denzel Washington premieres

-Queen Elizabeth’s home Windsor Castle catches fire

-Washington Post reports  Senator Bob Packwood sexually harassed 10 women

  1.     Late 1973

-Good Morning America premieres on ABC (David Hartman & Nancy Dussault)

-Wings release “Band on the Run”

-Britain’s Princess Anne marries commoner, Capt Mark Phillips

-Pres Nixon authorizes construction of Alaskan pipeline

-Skylab 4 launched into Earth orbit

  1.     Late 1954

-Walt Disney’s 1st television program, “Disneyland,” premieres on ABC

-Nobel prize for literature awarded to Ernest Hemingway

– Linus Pauling won the Nobel prize in chemistry

-Ellis Island, immigration station in NY Harbor, closed

-Air Force One, 1st US Presidential airplane, christened

The best example for me is the birth of my younger daughter 19 years ago.  It was a time of settling into a more structured life than ever.  If being married with one child was stable for me, then children and a busy career meant I was firmly entrenched in my path and would be for the next two decades.  I was … committed to that life. That cycle is completing now as Aislinn is away at college and finding her ground there.  It’s very much of a time of new opportunities and going back and picking up old passions and discovering new ones.  Whereas the future possibilities had definitely narrowed for me at that time, the cycle is completing and a new one opening up to be defined, structured, and committed to.

The dates of the related eclipses were powerful days that presented me with many gifts, Aislinn being one of the brightest.

I suspect that the idea of making definite NEW plans for the future–the next 19 years, surely–and how I handle them will arise again as a result of this eclipse.  More on how that ties in with career and home in my next article on the location of the eclipse in your astrological  “houses.”  Last time, I had put away some of my beloved pastimes and focus on career and home and tiny children.  This time, I get to double back and find the things I put on a back burner until my children were grown.

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