The November 2011 (New Moon) Solar Eclipse: All the Scary Details

It’s Eclipse Week here at The Spiritual Eclectic, so watch for more articles this week on how this eclipse will affect you.   Just because I predicted economic collapse 18 months ago is no reason to think this one will be as bad!

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But first, the basics.

Time and Date:

November 25, 2011;  12:10 AM Central (here in NW Florida)


Partial Solar.  (North Node)

Where seen:

Antarctica, Tasmania, New Zealand, and the tip of South Africa.

General predictions among astrologers:

Mild.  (This is not the horror story of the June 2010 eclipse.)  A challenge for some signs but of the kind to push people to make those necessary changes, finally, and clean up their respective acts. We may see some serious decisions made regarding money and the world economy, taxes, jobs in about 6 months due to the position of Venus to the eclipse and the Galactic Center.  Think ahead to travel, education, expansion, and belief systems–all related to Jupiter’s positive position.


The overwhelming opinion of astrologers I’ve communicated with is that this eclipse will be a good shift toward wrapping up old issues so you can move forward.  Lots of positives that I’m hearing.  Some astrologers are just bent on depressing news and if you look for it, you’ll find it.  This eclipse is not as dire as the one in June 2010…under which we are still laboring.

Sign and Degree:

2 Sagittarius 37

Sabian symbol:

At 2 Sagittarius, “Two Men Playing Chess” with its opposing sign 2 Gemini,“The Garden Of The Tuileries In Paris.”   To me, this feels more like making planned moves, balanced with serenity. 

Most recent related eclipses:

1 June 2011  (Big hint:  what was going on in your life then?  There’ll be some reflection in this eclipse.)  It’s not always a bad thing, so don’t immediately fret.  For me, I was experiencing “Milestone L,” as my best friend called it, referencing my name and a term used in our careers.  We set forth a strategy for all the things I wanted to accomplish and reviewed where I was and where I was going.  Extremely useful!

Saros Series:

14 North

Last eclipses in this metonic series:

1 July 2000, 19 April 2004, 7 February 2008  (Important: what was going on in your life then? This eclipse will reflect those situations. Read Parallel Eclipses and How They Influence your Life (Part I) )

For myself, when looking back at these times, I underwent tremendous life changes within the next few months.   They were not easy, but they all took me to a much, much happier place.  Something was offered to me…an opportunity, let’s say…within 30 days.   I didn’t have to take any of those opportunities, but when I took the chance and moved forward, I was rewarded many times over.  Not immediately, but within the year, I was certainly better off than if I’d not acted on the offer made to me within days after the eclipse.  So I’m eager to see where this one leads me!

Stressful configurations:

Mercury turns retrograde right before the eclipse, so this is a time of revisiting and finishing up old business.  Those family dramas around the Thanksgiving weekend might play out to a new solution or a final showdown!  North Node,  so blazing new trails in big life decisions.  This is new territory to cover, a push to move forward.  Mars and Chiron  double quincunx to retrograde Jupiter indicates more global concerns.  We are not an island, either as a people or as an economy. Jupiter at play here is a strong indicator of shifts in world concerns and business.  Venus enters Capricorn a day after, so perhaps we’ll have a bit more security in our monetary structure and love relationships.  Venus in Capricorn is a little…eh…reserved.

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