5 Big Ass Breakfasts Featuring Seafood for the Leptin Reset Diet Protocol

I love the Leptin Reset protocol but the “big ass breakfast” is always a bit of a problem because I don’t eat eggs very often.  Eggs, for me, is a food trigger.  They’re not necessarily an allergy but I do have a sensitivity to them when they are cooked in certain ways or cooked alone.  The result is 2 pounds of weight gain the next day, a sinus-type headache, and congestion.  For some reason, I suffer respiratory effects when I eat boiled eggs or eggs scrambled alone.  The effect is significantly reduced if I mixed lots of veggies with my scrambled eggs or omelet but I try to keep egg meals to one a week at most.

Meanwhile, what to eat for breakfast if not eggs?

My favorite big ass breakfasts are salmon or steak, but here are 5 examples of the variety I can find in my favorite seafood, all of which work just fine for a “big ass supper.”  I don’t really use recipes–most of what I do is grilling, wok’ing, streaming, along with coconut oil, butter, or whatever organic sauce I put together.  Tweak it and make it yours!

Large shrimp, grilled. Served with zucchini, tomato, and sweet onion in spices and real butter.

Grouper, grilled, with a spicy-sweet sauce on top. That’s a bed of asparagus with a little bit of carrot, sautéed in coconut oil. Great for breakfast but makes a nice “date night” dish, too.

Grilled salmon in a light sauce.  On weekdays when I’m rushed, I have 9-10 ounces before dawn and I’m never hungry until early-to-mid-afternoon.  I usually grill a whole fillet at once and package half of the next morning.

Broccoli and shrimp, in a wok with a little coconut oil and a spicy-orange seasoning.

Coconut-crusted tilapia, grilled, with a dollop of orange/coconut sauce, served with sautéed asparagus and carrot.


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