Lorna Tedder’s Favorite Recipes: Baked Apple Christened with Cinnamon

Gah.  Teenagers. So.  Here I am 18 pounds into this terrific detoxifying diet where it’s pretty obvious that the closer you eat to Nature, the healthier you are (duh), and suddenly I’m really wanting steak.  My body loves protein, and fish and fowl aren’t enough right now.  Plus, I’m missing eating out.  So.

So we head to Ruby Tuesday’s , the closest restaurant where I get a steak and veggies with no oils or butter, and Aislinn orders her usual.   I pass up the cheese biscuits with great nobility, thank you.  At the end of our meal, Aislinn orders dessert….their oh-so-yummy blondie.  Alas, filicide is illegal so I do the next best thing–I kill off an apple when I get home.

Good thing I bought apples at the grocery store 2 days ago!  For this “dessert” or “breakfast,” depending on my mood, I like to use these adorable little bowls from Portugal.  I preheat the oven to 350 degrees while I pour enough water in the bottom of the bowl to cover it, then sprinkled liberally with cinnamon.  Did I say sprinkle?  Eh, liberally is the operative word here.

I core the apple almost but not quite all the way through, so that the apple becomes a thick bowl itself.  I sprinkle (pour) in cinnamon, then fill the core with water, then sprinkle (bury) the apple in cinnamon.  If I’m feeling up to it, I might also put in a few drops of flavored Stevia, like vanilla creme, for a slightly different taste.

I pop the apple into the bowl and the whole dish into the oven for about 40 minutes, which gives me the baked texture I like (slightly melt-in-your mouth mushy), but you can experiment with it at a lower temperature, out in 15-25 minutes, or even microwave it for about 4 minutes.

Counts for 1 fruit serving but you know?  It sure does taste like a dessert serving.

And don’t tell Aislinn, but here are the grams and calories on our two desserts:

My yummy baked apple christened (okay, okay–buried) with Cinnamon:         

0.14 fat   11.11 sugar   14.04 carbs   0.40 protein   53 calories   

Aislinn’s OMG-I-wanted-it-so-badly Ruby Tuesday Blondie for One:                        

27 fat        ?   sugar          88 carbs             8 protein           626 calories


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