Lorna Tedder’s Favorite Recipes: Strawberry Sorbet

Since beginning work with a nutritionist to detox and identify foods that I’m sensitive or allergic to, starting about 3 weeks ago, I’ve lost a fast 15 pounds and started seeing food in a more more spiritual sense than ever before, particularly the whole foods connection with Mother Nature.

Upon one of my first grocery runs, with orders to add strawberries to my diet, I found that my local store was running a buy-1-get-1-free sale on berries, so I brought home two containers.  Uh-oh.  I couldn’t possibly eat even one container before they ruined.

Too bad I couldn’t freeze…oh, yeah, I could!

To make homemade Strawberry Sorbet, I split the produce into 100-gram servings.  Since I had 900 grams of strawberries, according to the container labels, I got out 9 tiny freezer containers, though snack-sized zippy bags would have worked just as well in the freezer.

I cut off the greenery and quartered each strawberry, then tossed the berries into a food processor and pureed them in seconds.  Then I tossed in the contents of 9 packets of Stevia, the natural sweetener.  The sweetener isn’t really necessary, especially in packets, but I have real sweet tooth and the packets were all I had.

Next, I squeezed the juice of 9 fresh lemons and poured them into the puree and Stevia mixture, and pureed for another few seconds.

Then I spooned out the mixture evenly into the 9 containers, lidded them, and stacked them in the freezer.   The next night?  Voila!  Strawberry sorbet for a very healthy dessert!   (makes 1 serving of fruit)


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