Chakra Clearing: the Spiritual Continuing Education

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I had my first shaman-led chakra clearing last week!

As part of my spiritual “continuing education,” I like to try new techniques and tools when the opportunity arises.  Sometimes, I’ve done them before.  Sometimes, it’s something new I’ve heard of and want to see if there’s a benefit to me.

A few of the more recent ones:

–             Live workshops led by Mike Dooley of and by Jerry and Esther Hicks

–          DVDs of live Abraham-Hicks workshops

–             Regular downloads of spiritual-themed audiobooks, including ones specific to quantum physics, the Law of Attraction, monks’ teachings, prayer techniques, and history

–             Regular downloads of new material related to the Teachings of Abraham

–             Chakra clearings

–             Akashic readings

–             Healing circles

–             Live workshops and rituals across a broad spectrum of other brands of spirituality

–             Regular meditation

–             Drumming

For Christians who are unfamiliar with some of these techniques, it seems overwhelming, but it’s really no different from my Southern Baptist days where we participated in all sorts of Bible studies, classes, choir practice, and prayer meetings all designed to bring us closer to our spiritual path.  Even when I was a Christian, I liked to study some of the more obscure spiritual techniques in the Baptist Church and local Methodist, Presbyterian, Nazarene, and Pentacostal churches—so it should be no surprise that I’m always seeking to deepen my knowledge of the Mysteries.

While in the past, I’ve done different “clearings” for myself—essentially clearing away the metaphysical cobwebs that accumulate—I had never asked a shaman to do one for me.  It’s quite different from when I’ve done it myself, and I’m no slouch in that department either.

Enter Kelley Harrell, author of Gift of the Dreamtime, and a very wise and gentle shaman who does “distance work,” meaning you don’t have to be sitting 3 feet in front of her for it to work.  I’ve worked with Kelley before, long-distance, and have been very impressed.  When something upsetting arose in my life a while back that seemed to be specific to one chakra, I emailed Kelley to find out if she could do clearings long-distance.  I’ve discovered that most people who can do such work don’t have any technical trouble  assisting from a geographical distance.  The biggest problem is more the inconvenience of having to write everything down and provide the report to the querent instead of simply delivering the information face-to-face.  It takes a bit more time for a shaman to handle that end of the experience, and many choose not to.

I was able to get on Kelley’s calendar about 2 or so weeks later.  She’s good, she’s in demand, and she seems to stay booked up unlike other shamans and spiritual teachers I’ve encountered.  I knew the day she was doing the clearing but that it would be several days before the customized report was emailed to me.   I’m still absorbing what she sent.

With a few developments in my life since my original request, it was interesting to read her report.  After the reading but before the completed report, I had begun to feel a lot better and had had two or three interesting epiphanies—which were very close to some of the things Kelley discussed with my spirit guides in the clearing/healing process.  She did a complete clearing of the chakras, not merely the one that concerned me, and touched on several deep and old truths that I’ve never discussed with anyone.  Beyond the actual healing work, Kelley also relayed messages from my guides and gave me specific techniques for doing my own clearings more effectively.

I love that Kelley can be so dead-on, and yet so gentle and reassuring at the same time.  There was much from her report that I am able to carry with me on my spiritual journey.  If you’d like to make an appointment with Kelley for a chakra clearing, visit her appointment page at Soul Intent Arts.  I highly recommend her.


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