My First Live Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction Workshop

Fiery sunset over Niceville, Florida.  Photo copyright by Aislinn Bailey; all rights reserved.

For over a year, I’ve been listening to my friend Sharyn rave about attending live Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction workshops all over the country and on cruises around the world.  I was already enthusiastic over their books and recorded workshops, but I had no idea what an experience a first workshop could be!


Last summer, I decided to become a regular subscriber of their monthly download program of edited workshops.  That lasted a few months and I decided I was getting so much out of the downloads that I went to the twice-monthly downloads.  There were live workshops within 7 hour’s drive  (Atlanta and Orlando) but they happened to coincide with trips I’d already planned, so I decided I’d give one a try in the Spring rather than in the Fall.

Orlando was an easy choice for me since I have a daughter in college at UCF and I’d be able to spend the weekend with her.  If I’d had any idea how useful a live workshop would be to me, I would have coughed up the extra $400 for my 17-year-old and 20-year-old to attend with me!  Here are my thoughts on what I observed:

  1.   I was surprised by the number of people in attendance.  From the DVDs, YouTube videos, and websites, I would have guessed that the crowd would be small, intimate—maybe a hundred or so people at around $200-250 a pop.  The last seminar of this type I attended was a Michael Dooley TUT workshop in Orlando that had  probably 75 seats and a surprising number unfilled.  At the Abraham-Hicks workshop, there must have been 700 or more people, and only a dozen or so who made it to the “hot seat” to ask a question.  The attendees were from all walks of life, all ages, all backgrounds—but everyone I met was hungry for knowledge.  The room buzzed with excitement and the air conditioner kept things a little on chilly side as a nice accommodation for the heat of group energy.  Most of my lunch companions were repeat attendees.  Some were long-time followers of the teachings.  Some obviously “got it” by the glow on their faces and spring in their steps while others talked the talked but hadn’t clicked into their stride yet.  By the way, I didn’t ask a question or try to get to the hot seat–no need:  everything I wanted to ask got answered for me.

  1.   Watching Esther channel Abraham was…convincing.  I’ve been around an occasional channel before and I’ve seen much the same effect as an intuitive or strongly psychic person who is tuned in to something at a frequency higher than where I’m at.  Their faces change somewhat and their voices become different.  There’s an odd relaxing that I can’t explain but have witnessed a few astonishing times.  I didn’t have a good idea from the recordings I’d seen and heard how long it would take Esther to settle into the merge with Abraham, but it was consistent with what I’ve seen with channels and intuitives I know personally.  There is a point where I can tell by the voice that they are tapped into a Higher Power or something that’s ascended a few level above the rest of us.  If I ever had any doubt that this woman is channeling something bigger, I don’t doubt it now.  No offense to Esther, but there is simply no way a human being can be that quick, consistent, and wise, never missing a beat with a question.  Since I’ve known some of the people in the hot seat personally, I know for a fact that the questions are not plants.
  2.   The length of time “in the vortex” was surprising but shouldn’t have been.  If I can get to my happy place while listening to a one-hour recorded and edited workshop, sitting through a day of four sessions with the energetic buzz of hundreds of other people around me isn’t four times the focus and fun.  No, it’s more like to the fourth power!  Abraham said that after spending a prolonged time in the vortex at the workshop, we’d leave and see a lot manifest for us over the next few days.  Absolutely correct!  I had been through some serious shake-ups in the 48 hours before the workshop and back to my happy self long before I left the workshop.  My daughters picked me up from the hotel lobby and pointed out that I was glowy, happy, and excited whereas the night before had been a bit rough.   Over the next 3 days, some incredible things manifested for me, seemingly out of thin air.
  3.   The group mind at work became evident quickly.  We were the audience that suddenly shifted into a fist-pumping rendition of “Eddie! Eddie!  Eddie!”—which hopefully will become an Abraham-Hicks video treat.    I have no other description for it except “energy” as people together began to focus together, all getting into that happy vortex together, progressively by the end of the day so that we all felt completely motivated and blissful.  It suddenly reminded me of times when I was a kid and had to go with my parents to a week-long tent revival-type series of church services.  Most of the time, they were horribly long and boring, but every now and then, we’d have a guest preacher who said brilliant things  and really connected with his audience so that everyone seemed to be enthralled and caught up in a powerful moment of oneness with the Universe and everyone in it.  That revival energy, at its very best, was like this live Law of Attraction workshop.

In summary, a first-time, live, Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction workshop is exponentially better than their terrific recorded workshops because of the energy boost of like minds and being held in such a serene state of mind for hours at a time.  If you get the opportunity, don’t pass it up!


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