In the Vortex, Abraham, and the Law of Attraction

The Majestic Sombrero Galaxy (M104); Photo credit by NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Get in the vortex if you want to manifest your desires through the Law of Attraction. Per Abraham-Hicks, find that perfect place of feeling and you’ll find that perfect place of knowing that you already have what you want.

Late July, 2009–

Sharyn and I have been talking about “getting in the Vortex.” These conversations refer to her Tahiti cruise with the Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction educational vacation and their new metaphor rather than the old one I was familiar with–the one where you’re trying frantically to swim upstream, fighting your way, instead of floating downstream easily with the current.


We’ve had several discussions of this, and they’ve been very helpful to me in keeping a positive attitude and in just so many lovely things that have been manifesting for me this last year. We’ve been acquaintances for a long, long time but our friendship has been blossoming over the past few months and I’m grateful for her input. Chronologically, she is older than I am, but she is both young and vibrant, not to mention prosperous and very happy. She’s a good example of the kind of person I have been intending to bring into my life and I’m now actually bringing into my life.

Last night, as I was beginning my evening meditation, I felt something I desire very close to me, very close at hand. I began having flashes of memory—both past and future memories—even before I began my meditation. In fact, I never got around to the meditation.

I’ve been close to this feeling quite a few times this year: the last weekend in January, for example, the night of the eclipse. But I have not felt this particular brand of buzzing serenity since the 15th and 16th of June when I had two visits from a dear friend, and that gave me chills. This particular feeling has been there but muted for the past month as I’ve been so busy with other areas of my life, but last night, my dreams felt so close again. Closer than ever before.

It was the outer winds of a vortex of positivity, belief, and intention.

As I was starting my meditation, that feeling hit, along with several peculiar thoughts that suddenly aligned me with what I desire. When the Law of Attraction gurus talk about feeling it before you know it, this is the best example I have personally experienced out of many. I felt the electricity of that moment course through me, a weird and floaty feeling of magick and Deity wherein I was perfectly in the very most concentrated and intense center of that vortex. It was a moment of absolute knowing and giddiness and gratitude that this dream was already mine, as real as the bed under me.

This is what, I believe, is known as ecstasy.

I was so overwhelmed by the emotion that I felt tears squeezing out of my closed eyes. That knowing was a moment of utter joy, and I could not separate it from the gratitude and love I felt.

Update:In the six months since this article was published at an affiliated site, I’ve been more and more “in the vortex.”  Where I had previously reached a nice plateau of serenity with the occasional blip, that serenity is at a higher level and the blips are fewer.  Let’s just say that I am having an absolutely fabulous time with life!


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