Thanks Bunches But Be Aware….

To everyone  placing orders through our onsite store (thank you!), please keep in mind that this site is still in transition. The order buttons and downloads work but may re-route you to our old site before you get back to here. Don’t let that scare you–we’re combining several websites into one for your convenience, and we’re simply not done yet.

If you get lost or have a problem, just post a comment.  We follow a less crazy-making practice of answering messages/comments only twice a day so we’ll answer within the day but probably not instantaneously.

We made a conscious decision to make the new site public while we work on it, and decided not to over-stress ourselves on having everything perfect before you showed up.  Life is always in transition, isn’t it?  Don’t stress…because we’re not. (See photo!)

That’s our lessons–

  1. we’re not waiting around anymore and…
  2. we’re not going to stress.

We hope you feel the same about YOUR lives!

–Lorna and crew


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