Ley Lines and Streams of Energy (Part 3)

Continued from Part 1 and Part 2


Ley Line #2: The River of Life…or…Souls?

Whereas most houseguests don’t notice the first ley line in my house, those of us who live here didn’t really notice the second one—we still don’t—until visitor after visitor pointed it out to us.

I don’t think that this particular ley line has been present during

my entire tenure in my house.  I’ve had many very gifted visitors in my home in the past decade and none of them have noticed this particular stream of energy.  It’s been suggested that recent Earth changes might have caused some ley lines and energy vortices to move, particularly earthquakes, tsunamis, and tiny pole shifts.  But that’s not the really fascinating thing about this ley line.

This stream of energy is more like a river.  It’s not straight at all and has a far different quality to it than the creativity stream or sweet spot.  I don’t think it’s a “vile vortex.”  There IS a tranquility to it, surprisingly, but it’s otherworldly.  It enters my front door, flows down the hall, veers to the East into another room, sharply to the North, and then spiraling down through the wall.  (see map)

Followers of the Egyptian pantheon have likened it to a River of Life leading souls back home.  It’s like the path just outside of the gates of Heaven, leading peaceful souls back to the Source.  There is no sense of danger, anger, or upset in this powerful stream.

For the past few years, houseguests have reported hearing footsteps or light conversation in the path of this stream.  (I don’t hear or see them.)  Strangers have come to my home and inquired about the ghosts coming inside and heading quietly down the hallway.  At least a dozen unrelated persons have described this River of Souls to me, both in the nature of what they see and hear, its explicit path, and the lack of harm or ill will they sense.

Basically, they don’t bother me and I don’t bother them.  They’re curious about me and me about them.  I know there are many things unseen in our world—call it paranormal, call it dark matter, call it spooky—but I do find it fascinating  to think of the movement of the unseen world in a particular pattern that forms a stream of energy.


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