Ley Lines and Streams of Energy (Part 2)

Ley Lines and Streams of Energy (Part 2)

continued from Part 1

Ley Line #1: The Stream of Creativity

I’ve known about the first ley line since around 1995, not long after moving into this house.    I had a desk set up in a home office where I could write chapter after chapter of my novels on my nice new computer but it wasn’t the best place to write.  The best place was at the Northeastern side of my dining room table, either in the last chair next to the window or the end chair next to the window.  Two chairs away made a difference.  In that one spot, sort of diagonal across the table, was a stream of energy about 3 feet wide that was pure bliss when it came to creativity.  I could sit and write 50 pages in a few hours a night—this is where I wrote Accessand laterDark Revelations.  I didn’t need earphones or headphones or BrainSync music to focus.  It was like stepping into a river of creative energy and tapping it.

This ley line was relatively straight and stayed in this particular place until around 2009 when

noticed a shift for reasons unknown.  In its initial (since I’ve lived here) path, I could trace it, by the feel of where I was in a room, from one end of the house to the other (see map below). Later, when I was introduced to dowsing, we could follow its path.  It passed through a particularly interesting corner of one bedroom, through the foyer, through the dining room, through a portion of the kitchen where people always tend to congregate, and through the home office area to a spot where my daughter often had a desk and was very productive.

I know the ley line was there first, but somehow important things ended up in that stream of energy—two altars, spots where people gathered, spots where people created or worked.  Spots where people wanted to read or write or brainstorm.  So some of the more creative tabletop areas lined up with the ley line.

In the fall of 2009, while my home office was being refurbished, I moved my desk.  Initially, it had been in the middle of the northern wall of the room until around 2002 when I moved it to the northwestern corner of the office.  Lots of work was done in both areas but I always seemed to have to push against the work, really make it happen.

With the electrical repairs to the room, which necessitated painting, I didn’t want to move every last thing out of the office because I still needed to work.  I shoved my desk to the middle of the room so that I could keep all the computers hooked up and stay productive while giving the repairmen room to work.  Something about that spot felt really, really good. After the room had been repainted, I decided to leave me desk near the middle of the northern wall, about 3 feet from where it had felt so good—and it still felt good.

In fact, there seemed to be a direct line from this feel good spot to the next.  The stream of energy had changed.

I talked to others in my household and found that the stream previously documented in one of the bedrooms had moved from the corner over by about 4 to 5 feet. With that shift, a stream seemed to open up in another room next door.  When we mapped the stream, it had definitely shifted in the house.  I’m not sure if it shifted to match up with our new pools of creativity we were working from or if it shifted and we matched up to it, but I think, probably the latter is more accurate.  After all, I have been very hard-working and creative in some close-by areas but it wasn’t until I moved my desk that I felt the difference, even though I moved it only a few feet east of where it had been for most of the decade.

Since this particular ley line is so conducive to creativity, I try to arrange my creative efforts to take place within the stream, and when I do, it’s like getting a tailwind!

This ley line is recognized by most people who stay in my home for more than a few days, but those of us who live here all the time tend to notice quickly how guests react to it, even if they don’t see/hear/feel it in any psychic way. My favorite experiment was during a 10-month time frame in 2008 and 2009 when I was dating a lot of different young hotties who would walk into my home and head for the same spot in my house. Whereas guests seeking serenity and safety immediately go to the sweet spot in the heart of the house, those seeking the buzz of creativity and excitement stroll immediately to the any open spot in the creativity ley line.

In fact, I have a habit of snapping iPhone pictures of my dates to use when they call me next time, and there are a good dozen pictures that hilariously were taken in the same 18-inch square because that’s exactly where every one of these guys go when they walk into my home to pick me up.  I didn’t even realize it until a friend pointed out that every “boy picture” in my phone had the same background and looked as if I’d snapped them all on the same night!

(continued in Part 3)


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