Ley Lines and Streams of Energy (Part 1)

I have two ley lines in my house, and they are strong streams of energy that are very different.  In addition, I have a few “power spots” that feel like pools of energy.

The more I learn about these ley lines, the more questions I have, such as:

–             Do all ley lines move?

–             What causes ley lines to move?

–             Are the ley lines here first or do we create or move them to where we put our energy, such as at sacred sites or altars?

–             What are the qualities of a ley line that spirals?  Is it a vortex?

–             Are ley lines for different purposes?

–             Can I map the ley lines in my house?

The Power Spot:  The Sweet Spot of Serenity and Sacred Space

The first power spot in my house was evident to me within a month of moving into this house, back in 1993.  I wasn’t comfortable in the house—it was too big and still had too much of the previous owners’ energy from their divorce and drama.  I had grown up in an exceptionally modest home and was not accustomed to  such a nice dwelling, even though we’d gotten a great deal on it.  The house was so big that at least a half of it was closed off and had little or no furniture for several years.

Still, there were a couple of places in the house that felt…good.  Serene.  The first I noticed was the strongest, and it was in the heart of the house.

We had bought an old, recovered sofa for $50 and in the natural arranging of the living room, the sofa ended up in that sweet spot.   If I felt bad, I could curl up on that sofa and feel great.  If I felt tired, I could nap for 20 minutes on that sofa and feel rejuvenated.  When I replaced the dilapidated sofa in 2003, the energy was still there.  Later, around 2005, I re-arranged the room and felt compelled to move my main altar—or sacred spot—to that exact spot.

It’s funny to see how houseguests respond to these energy spots in my house.  With the first power spot, I often have people  sit—just SIT—on the floor in front of the spot (since the altar is on the spot itself but the feel-good energy expands out to the East of it now).  As big as the house is, when a guest visits and brings a pet, that pet will leave the rest of us and go lie down in that sweet spot for the duration of the visit.  The same is true of small children.  Everyone is drawn to that spot and they always feel serene and safe there.  (continued in Part 2)


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