Product Review: “Path of Enthusiasm!” Law of Attraction DVD (Abraham-Hicks)

I promised I’d review the Abraham-Hicks products and share my opinions since there don’t seem to be other online reviews that met my own needs for choosing which DVD, book, CD, or download to buy.
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Esther and Jerry Hicks’ The Teachings of Abraham DVD IV of the Law of Attraction in Action series,  Path of Enthusiam!,is a 2-DVD set, almost 4 hours long, that’s been excerpted from their May 2007 Philadelphia, PA, Workshop.  It retails on the Abraham-Hicks website for $30.  HOWEVER, I’ve “attracted” a better deal for you, and you can get it–new–for 1/3rd to 2/3rds of the list price here.

So that I’m not telling you exactly what Abraham advised for every question asked on these DVDs, I’ll tell you areas of concerns I’ve had that were answered for me.  Funny, how that happens.  I don’t have to ask a question myself–the answers will come to me through the questions of others.

This DVD set had the usual Abraham nuggets that I’ve come to love—such as great analogies about GPS guidance systems in your car or finding lost things like keys or glasses—plus some

oft-asked questions that you hear again and again in some form if you listen to Abraham-Hicks products as much as I do. Those include heart-felt questions from parents who want to help their children attract the good stuff and protect them from mistakes, winning the lottery, and issues with the environment. Though this workshop was taped 3 years before the BP Gulf Oil Spill, Abraham’s advice is consistent with answers to questions about the oil spill at the recent Houston, TX conference and others since the spill occurred. Abraham makes excellent points about how mankind tends always to look for some kind of huge catastrophe to push against, and offers up ways to find feel-good moments about the environment and even the potential for extinction of certain species. I was listening to this workshop at the same time that the first tar balls were washing ashore 5 miles from my home, so the words of wisdom came exactly when needed.

Abraham reiterates the goodness of accepting where you are and how to do it.  I find it so true that most friends and family prefer you to be either depressed or joyful because either is less trouble to them than if you are angry or doing something about the situation.  Their discussion echoed my experiences coming out of relationship breakups where my friends either wanted me to be instantly “over it” or just crawl into a cave and shut up.  I was advised that anger wasn’t spiritual and striking back—even to balance the scales of justice–certainly wasn’t.  Abraham talks about what is sometimes necessary to get to a better feeling place, and that it’s not easy on the people around; therefore, if you express any of your louder, dark emotions when you’re hurting, you’ll get pushback to tamp it down and hold it in.  That’s part of making other people’s feelings/expectations more important than our own, and keeps us out of alignment.  A perfect example would be when I told my mom about my marital problems years ago when I was terribly depressed and she urged me to give up my spirituality if it meant I wouldn’t “mess things up” with my spouse. Living up to everyone else’s expectations was killing me, and it wasn’t until I threw off the restrictions I’d accepted that I began to get to a better feeling place in my life and later to a really great feeling place.  Getting to a better feeling emotion is, to me, power and the owning of that power.

Another point of this DVD set that I find personally meaningful is the part about feeling you have to prove something.  Proving something, as I understand it now, is more about doubt and feelings of lack and unworthiness.  If I’m proving to others that I can do something—say, sell a movie—then I’m letting others’ fickle opinions drive my actions and state of mind.  If I’m trying to prove to myself that I can do something—say, lose 20 pounds—then I’m trying to show that I can struggle and overcome and win out over my knowing that I can’t do it…rather than just simply knowing and enjoying the process. Abraham explains quite well how the need to prove something makes it more distant to manifest.

One other very interesting point to me was the discussion of the chakra system and how to keep chakras unblocked.  I was especially surprised at Abraham’s words that chakras are unimportant and why—and even more surprised to find that, based on what was presented, I agree.

These were the most pertinent questions this DVD set answered for me.  The rest was of good quality, too, and Path of Enthusiasm! was certainly worth buying, listening to, and sharing with friends in my home.


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