Top Ten Spiritual Posts of May 2010

Baskets of impatiens.  Photo copyright by Lorna Tedder; all rights reserved.

The top ten spiritual posts of  May 2010:

1.      The Vertex: a Turning Point of Fate

2.      Big Changes: Solar Return Sun in the Eighth House (Applied Astrology Series)

3.      The Astrology of Meeting “The One”

4.      Despite Economic Hard Times, Pagan Dig Deep to Help

5.      Uranian Planets: Hades and Juno and Relationship Break-ups

6.      Making Peace in Dysfunctional Families:  How to Fix It and Whether You Should

7.      A Pagan Point of View of the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

8.      Empathic Abilities and Connections: “The Feeling”

9.      Notes from the Universe and What Mike Dooley of Unexpectedly Taught Me

10.  The Seven Chakra Energy Centers

The bottom nine spiritual posts of  May 2010:

(mostly because they are old posts, not because they’re unloved!)

9. A New Definition for “Saving Souls”:  the Big Difference between Christianity and Wicca

8. Body Image: Are You a Temple or a Tool?

7.  Why Even a Priestess Needs to Do Housework

6.  Stalking the Male Submissive:  A Book Publisher’s Surprise

5. Prosperity Spells Sell Well in a Bad Economy

4. I Curse your Name:  The Blackest of Magicks

3.  7 Tips to Stop Getting Advice You Don’t Want

2. Loving Mercury in Retrograde

1. Facets We Never See Makes Us One-Dimensional