Uranian Planets: Hades and Juno and Relationship Break-Ups (Applied Astrology)

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Astrology is my hobby, and I love learning new things.  I’m a big fan of asteroids and now, thanks to astrologer Eileen Nauman’s articles on the Trans-Neptune Planets, aka the Uranians, I’ve been playing around with my chart and the charts of family and friends to see how the Uranians  show up.  And I’m seeing some interesting connections between the Uranian Hades and the asteriod associate with marriage or marriage needs, Juno.

Hades, from my research, is more about death and sorrow, though there are variations of the meaning.  It’s…unpleasant to say the least.  Probably the best benefit, if there is one, is that it can “prune” away the old stuff, whether we like it or not.  So not to establish any major new concept here, but I thought I’d see what’s happening in my chart so far this year and see what’s going on with Hades.  And maybe even take a look at it with Juno, since my Juno is exceptionally strong this year.

Initially, nothing really stood out so much in the different charts, even progressions and solar returns, though I suspect transiting Hades at the 29th degree in my solar return chart in  2012 will be significant, especially looking at its conjunction with transiting Moon as well as other planets in my natal chart. If you’re mind to look ahead and mark your calendar for around March 2, 2012, it could be a very interesting week for us all.

Where I found something particularly interesting was

in the lunar returns (with natal chart), courtesy of the free service at astro.com.  (Please, go look it up and try this on your own–I’m not a professional, you’re not paying me,  and I’m not going to do it for you.)  In the lunar return charts, for specific moon cycles this year, I found some startling correlations in my personal life.

For example:  I looked at the specific lunar month where a romantic relationship ended and there was Juno and Hades in a less than 1-degree conjunction.  Death of a relationship?  Hmmmm.  Definitely the inciting incident that killed the relationship.  In the next lunar month, Hades was conjunct Mercury and Venus.  Definitely the death of any communication and lov…uh…let’s just say I got over it.  He’d completely lost his appeal to me.  The next lunar month?  No Hades aspects…but hey, I sure do like that Juno-Venus conjunction!

My decision to leave that relationship affected several other people, so I checked their charts, too.  One was unaffected, astrologically, and  I have to admit, she’s oblivious to what’s going on.   Another who was deeply emotionally involved had a Juno-Hades conjunction in the lunar month that all hell (pardon the pun) broke loose in her relationship, and the next month had a Hades-Moon-Venus conjunction.

For a man in my life who has recently had his entire world threatened by his past deeds coming to light, Hades was conjunct his Ascendant that lunar month and the next, when ramifications of his past hit at work, Hades was conjunct his Mid-Heaven, showing the damage to his career.

Another friend was served divorce papers a few weeks ago.  His lunar return chart at the time?  Hades conjunct Juno.

I found similar Hades connections in the charts of everyone I know who’s been through a recent breakup.  I found no such connections in the charts of people who weren’t watching a relationship end.

So what if I look back on previous years?  What then?  Going back to my last break-up, Hades isn’t conjunct anything but…it is opposite a Juno-Pluto conjunction.  The guy I was seeing?  Hades was conjunct his Descendant.  When I finally decide to sue my then-husband of two decades for divorce?  North Node conjunct natal Hades and transiting Hades and Venus in conjunction.

I have no idea how accurate this is, but it’s been a fascinating trip through charts thus far.

ADDED, approximately 1 month later:  At the time I tried this exercise, I ran the chart of another person in a committed relationship just as part of my control group and found the Hades-Juno conjunction there as well, in the May lunar cycle for that person.  I didn’t say anything to anyone, but the couple has now split, unexpectedly.

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