The Universe Doesn’t Hear the Negative

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

One of the keys to understanding the Law of Attraction is realizing that the Universe doesn’t understand the negative of your words. I got a real-life understanding of that this morning, courtesy of my teenaged daughters.

Attract Him Back

You can be saying, “I don’t want to be in debt” and the Universe responds to what you focus on—the debt. You can be saying, “No more idiot married men coming into my life,” and the Universe opens up and pours idiot married men planning hot dates with you.

I’ve always thought the concept of the Universe not hearing the negative was strange. But it’s not about the negative or the inverse—it’s about what you’re focused on.

This morning, around five o-dark-o-clock, Shannon crawled into my bed, with a sinus infection, whimpering that she felt awful and not knowing how she’d be able to get up and go to Latin class. She’d been sick all weekend and couldn’t afford to miss any school this week. But sick is sick and she just couldn’t take another step, so I sent her to bed and told her I’d take her to the doctor for antibiotics as soon as I got my car into the shop. I was sick as well—pollen allergy—but not as bad as Shannon. We both went back to bed.

Around 6:20, Aislinn was up and rattling around the house, getting ready for school. I told her the following:

“Shannon is really, really sick. She’s still asleep. Do not, under any circumstances, go wake her up.”

I watched Aislinn turn around and hike immediately to Shannon’s room, knock on the door, and ask if she was going to school. I heard Shannon moan something unintelligible and very unhappy.

I had been focused completely on my worry about waking Shannon up. Aislinn, on the other hand, heard the following:

“Shannon is ……, …… …… …’. still asleep. .. …, ….. … ………….., GO WAKE HER UP.”

And people think it’s strange that the Universe would give us what we focus on!


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