The Energy We’re Attracted To

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

I love talking to people who are seriously into astrology and its patterns. It’s the best personality test out there and a super way of examining one’s own patterns.

Attract Him Back

For example, today an astrology buff mentioned to me that any planets on or near the descendant line of one’s natal chart (which never meant anything to me until now) reflect the type of energy or people we’re drawn to. This, as it’s explained to me, is the opposite of our ascendant, or rising signs, where we give off a certain energy. Most of my planets are near my ascendant, either in Pisces or Aquarius, so all part of who I express myself to be or the inner me I hide. And I’m usually an emotional Pisces in who I am and in how I love and then bursting with Aquarian ideas.

But I’m  intrigued by the idea of a descendant representing what I’m drawn to.  And I have two planets very close to  my  descendant.  Uranus, representing shake-ups, sudden movements,  electrical jolts,  and all those not-so-boring twists and turns, is slightly below in my sixth house of work and health. Just barely above the line, by about a 1-degree orb and sitting in the seventh house of relationships is Pluto. Yep, the big transformer, regenerator, rebirther.

It’s true that I’m really attracted to transformation and shaking things up. I seek it in others, in situations, and in myself.

Just for fun, I looked at the charts of various friends. The ones who are mostly drawn to the mystical have Neptune on their descendant in the seventh house. The ones drawn to authority figures and structure to the point of oppression have Saturn (the restrictor/teacher/authority)sitting about 1 degree orb of their descendant, seventh house.

Some had nothing at all near the descendant or a scattering that didn’t come close. But for the ones within a 1-degree orb, that particular energy that they seek is extremely pronounced.

This is so much better than Myers-Briggs when looking at personality patterns…but speaking of which, I’ve noticed that when transiting Uranus crossed my ascendant into my first house (meaning, a real “coming out” of who I am as a person versus the hidden me for so many years), my Myers-Briggs category changed from INFJ to ENFJ. No matter how many times I take the Myers-Briggs now or how many times before that threshold, the scores were INFJ before and ENFJ after. Funny, that.


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