Keeping the Fifth House Locked Down

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

It’s said that certain things belong to the different “houses,” or areas of your life. In the Fifth House, those things include romance, children, finances, creativity, and work you love (sort of like your creative children). This is a particular house that I am safeguarding more so than ever before.

Attract Him Back

Why? Because I like to live my life as an open book, being who I am without the need for secrecy. I am what I am, like it or not. But the Fifth House is where I tend to get hurt the most and it makes me question my open-book policy. I do know some people who are so close-mouthed with every idea and purport that anything they utter will be stolen, when I usually find their ideas mediocre at best and wonder why they think anyone would steal them. I’ve always been very open with my ideas, giving them away freely, at least until this past year when I realized their value.

So I’ve been pulling inward in this area. Everything’s paid off except the mortgage, I’ve settled with the Major Home Repair Corporation on the damage to my house (though no payment yet), and I’m still tracking down that missing tax refund. I’m toying with playing with the stock market again, though it doesn’t hold the same appeal for me, and yet I’m good enough at it that I should consider it again. I’m more focused now on making sure all the financial issues are settled and my focus on my children is closely-held as well. The girls and I are a unit.

But the areas that are no longer openly shared are my romantic and creative endeavors. I’ve learned the hard way.

Not that I won’t publicly rail against married men trying to date me, but there are things enough that I don’t journal about because they are between that person and me. And they’re kept that way.

I’ve had potential romances spoiled by people barreling in with their opinions or disapproving to the point of manipulating to make sure nothing happened. I’ve shared my ideas for creative pursuits with friends I was certain would never be competitors, who understood the private nature of business plans and were excited about being sounding boards, and weren’t in the same business at all—and had them tell me three days later what my competitor thought of my ideas when they (oopsie) mentioned my ideas, and within literally a few days of that, I’ve seen my specific ideas publicly presented by my competitors as their latest brainstorm. That’s when I started to realize how valuable some of my ideas are—when other people started making a ton of money on them.

And yes, these were people I trusted and saw no reason to hide anything from. It was because of the trust and friendship that I felt encouraged to share with them.

But nowadays, when I’m manifesting something important in the Fifth House, I no longer let it be known that I’m interested in a certain individual or that I’m working on a certain project or have this great new idea. Once it’s manifested, I’ll be an open book with it, but not before.

This is the spot where keeping silent on what you’re manifesting is such an important matter so that it can come into the physical without interference.


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