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Someone handed me some court papers today that have left me shaken. They’re not my court papers. They have nothing to do with me directly. And yet, they have everything to do with me.

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My theme for this year is “Allow Miracles.” It’s a different mindset that is making it a lot easier for me to just let certain things be without worrying so much, and it’s clear to me now that I have had some miracles I didn’t know about.

The Universe has been working very hard to protect me and get me into a good situation where I can be much freer, and my guides have been putting in a lot of overtime to show me this information at this point in time.

Several years ago, there was a situation that I wanted to be very different from what it was. It caused me tremendous grief that it wasn’t how I wanted it to be. If it had been the way I wanted it to be then, when this information was hidden, I would now likely be on very shaky ground financially. I know what my sense of compassion can do if I’m not careful with it—my heart would have overruled my head in this matter, and I would have been looking at a mound of debt that I might never recover from.

I knew vaguely about these legal documents several years ago. They didn’t really mean much to me then. I knew the dates they were entered into the public record. I really didn’t know the timeline, though. Seeing the actual documents, having them handed to me and the signature dates pointed out with a reminder of what happened right before and right after those dates? That was the surprise. Even though my intuition had warned me of this information and even though the other party involved had point-blank told me the bottomline in a fit of despair, I did not until this morning understand exactly what was happening then.

I’m thankful now that the other party intentionally did things to keep me out of this situation,  even though that meant hiding the details and downright denying them when asked.  It’s funny now to realize that in an innocent conversation,  I actually stated the exact situation as a hypothetical,  which was promptly and emphatically denied. In hindsight, my over-active intuition must have been very upsetting, hence  the  fast denial.  It  was  out of deep embarrassment.  I understand why now, and what sacrifices were made. These documents show an odd juxtaposition of integrity and doom.

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Had I not been kept out of the situation, I would be in serious trouble now. The Universe gave me a miracle I didn’t realize at the time.

Here’s the other part of the miracle: because of the way things have unfolded without me being directly involved, there is now a chance that what I had wanted years ago may come to fruition when the legal matters are all settled and done with, when it could not have happened in a joyous way back then.

And if it does, then yes, that would truly be a miracle.


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