Law of Attraction: Manifesting Sorrow

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

Such a strange week.

The truths that come out are stranger than the fictions presented to me. No easier to take, though.

Attract Him Back

I do have to be more careful of saying, I don’t want to be in limbo so how about something happens to shake things up? If you’re really wishing “something would happen,” something will but maybe not quite what you expect.

I’ve had so many people ask me to pray for them or do magick for them, and I’m not sure how I feel about any of that any longer. I can lend aid for the end result but if they themselves don’t believe it, my fondest wishes for it won’t make it happen.

The thing about manifesting, as I was discussing with someone today, is that you can co-create with someone a particular life you both want and make wondrous things happen. You can focus on creating a career and home and a safe place that they want so badly, but if the person you’re co-creating with is focusing more on the lack of those things and how much they want it and it’s never going to happen or if it does, it won’t stay, then all the manifesting in world on your part is not going to make it so for them. You are at cross-purposes.

We are each the primary manifestor in our own lives. We can listen to those around us and hear messages that influence our manifesting, good or bad. That’s why I so strongly support having positive people in one’s life. If we hear constantly all the negative possibilities, we come to expect them because that’s the “vibration” that’s around us. And then we pull more to us.

It’s painful to watch someone else manifest hopelessness and disaster. Especially when they’ve asked our help and we’ve given it. This is why I cringe when someone asks me to manifest something for them.

Example: The person who desperately needs a better job and asks us to pray or do “work” for him. And we do. And opportunities arrive and are handed to him. But he’s unsure and his uncertainty feeds on itself and he never takes the action to accept the new job the Universe is handing him. He’s terrified he’ll end up in an even worse job…and he does. All the praying and manifesting in the world couldn’t help because he was going contrary to what he asked for. The energy was there to buoy him up, and in spite of it, he managed to attract an anchor and manifest more sorrow.

It’s hard to watch sometimes what others manifest for themselves. Maybe, if we can still feel their pain and understand that it’s their choice, we’re manifesting in ourselves our sense of compassion.


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