Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

Today is proving to be a little difficult, and I hate that it is. It’s a meaningful date for me that brings back some sadness.

Attract Him Back

I woke up with the sadness of it. Early. I tried to sleep in so I wouldn’t have to think about it but it’s all in my dreams and won’t let go.

It didn’t help that I spent nearly three hours last night with an interesting new man with a sexy mind. I’d really wanted some great conversation and I got it. Our (strictly) conversation would probably have taken the edge off of today—I hadn’t realized how hard today would be—except for one thing.

After almost three hours of amazing conversation and a tentative plan to see each other next week, this guy says, “Um, you know I’m married, right?”

Yeah. Kind of a downer.

Added: This afternoon I had an email from a very charming man who was to be passing through here around noon and invited me to join him for lunch. I didn’t get the message in time.

Added, more: And later that night…. The very charming man I missed lunch with got back in touch tonight. After a nice conversation, he decided to fess up. He’s not legally separated. He’s unhappily married and no possibility of a divorce. But it could always be worse, right? I could be married to one of these guys.


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