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I already know that this next year is going to have a lot of focus on, well, focus with both the Sun and Uranus conjunct in my Second House (another year of big changes…sigh…or yippee, I don’t know which). This solar year’s about pulling in from the areas where I’ve expanded and really establishing what I’m worth and actualizing what I want. It’s also about looking at values and testing out the old rules to see if they still apply and figuring out what works for the new me. I also have Pluto in my Eleventh House this next year, and that’s indicative of a need for freedom, friendships, and goals—and how all those are going to be transforming in the next year.

Attract Him Back

I’m getting a headstart on the new birthyear because I can already feel the lure and effects of this year. I’m really feeling the need to expand in one area even as I pull in in others…I miss my gatherings.

I’ve done gatherings in my home with several groups now. Various religions, all open-minded, each with a unique gift. Many of them professionals—engineers, writers, physicians, computer specialists, teachers—who were a bit more esoteric than most of their colleagues realized. The first group never really got off the ground because my ex didn’t approve. The second was amazing until one of the married women started using it as an excuse to meet up with her married boyfriend and I got the glory of dodging her husband wanting to know if she was at my house or not and her drama upset the rest of the group. The third group had too many people who wanted to do the gatherings their way and I just nipped that in the bud right away. My fourth attempt at a restarting these groups ended up with almost everyone suffering stomach flu right before the planned date (really)…which was only a couple of days before Daddy died and everything was put on hold after that.

But I loved hosting these gatherings. They were small, maybe a dozen people at most. I’d put on a huge pot of turkey spaghetti, with salad and bread and wine, and suddenly there’d be a small group in the kitchen talking about shielding and another group in the family room watching what the Bleep (similar to The Secret, but I like The Secret better), and another group on the patio practicing Reiki. We’d get into the most incredible life-death-and-the-Universe discussions. Often, I’d have to run people off at 2 in the morning and remind them we all had to go to work the next morning!

In short, it was a blast! I learned so much about so many different things. I had the social aspects and the networking aspects and for a while there, it was so much fun, especially with the second group.

I’ve figured out now where I went wrong with that particular group and with allowing someone else’s mid-life crisis to redirect the focus of the group. Hard lessons, but I do miss the gatherings.

So today, as I have quite a bit over the last month, I was lamenting the fact that I don’t currently have those regular gatherings.

That’s when I heard the proverbial little voice say, “What are you waiting for? Manifest it yourself, silly!”

I will.

Hmmm. I will.


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