Law of Attraction: The Exact Specs?

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

I’ve talked to several charming men this week. Honestly, my heart wasn’t in it, but the Law of Attraction is in full effect and I’m doing a double-take over tonight’s discovery.

Attract Him Back

According to the Law of Attraction, we “vibrate” at a certain level and attract to us things/people/events that match that vibration. Life coaches who specialize in romance and relationships urge their clients to visualize their perfect mate and imagine being with that person. Some say that if you’re with someone and the relationship isn’t so hot, there’s still some level of vibratory match between you or you wouldn’t still be together. Most coaches urge you to be a little nebulous in your specs for the perfect mate, so you’re asking for someone who’s honest, intelligent, sense of humor, etc. and not five-foot-two-with-eyes-of-blue-and-only-110-pounds-and-a-size-2.

I saw today what level I was vibrating at and it made me smile. I guess I know what I attract.

It’s one thing for a couple of men to have similar characteristics and you’re picking them out of the masses but quite another they’re picking you…and when you get two or three who are near-clones, it’s, er, a freaky thing….

What do you do when every man you meet—as in, they pursue you and you didn’t even notice them there before until then—have the following traits?

– Same profession, right down to the same specialty

– Very well educated (exactly 11 years of college, post-college, and internships)

– All about the same age, which is quite a bit, ahem, younger

– All with similar 6-figure salaries (within $10,000 of each other)

– Same hair color

– Same athletic build

– Same height and weight!

– Same fluency in languages

– Same personality

– Looking for loving D/s relationships and Alpha females

– Play the same musical instrument

– Wear the same kind of clothes

– Same astrological sign

I admit I thought the second one was a joke, but the third one was from out-of-town and didn’t know the others and couldn’t have known….

Sheesh, what are the odds of getting the exact specs, right down to the height and weight?! My list was never that specific.


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