The Law of Attraction: Staying the Hell Away

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

If one of the secrets of the Law of Attraction is to feel good about what you’re attracting or what you’re working on manifesting, then I think it’s vital that we know when to stay the hell away from other people who will repeatedly make us feel bad about what we want or what we’re doing.

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I’ve been much better in the past few months about setting such boundaries, to the point of telling people that if they persist in saying such rabidly negative things to me, that I can’t be around them. There are several people in my past and some in my present whom I’d spend more time with except that they always want to know about certain situations in my life, situations where they would have made a different choice.

Most still take it as a challenge whenever we’re in contact. They want details of my life that I know they disagree with. They badger until I give them something and then they’re all over it. By the time I tell them it’s not up for discussion—whether that’s in 10 seconds after hello or after many unanswered questions and my refusal to discuss it—I’m already feeling bad, not good, about some aspect of what I’m attracting, and that just pushes it away.

I think we all know of people—friends, relatives, colleagues—who will say things that make us feel bad about particular subjects. They want us to share and keep them in the details of our lives, and yet they just love to harp on how they’d handle something when they’ve never been in the same shoes.

And we want to be able to share the good and bad with them.

And there is no way to be around them without them stepping over those boundaries and leaving us feeling like crap for our desires and decisions. If they see you, they will bring up unwanted subjects. If they email you, they will ask and ask and ask. They won’t take no for an answer and they won’t respect your request not to talk about it. Half the time, if you do, they’ll share your private information with your competitors, which sucks all the energy out of the dream you’re manifesting.

But even if I absolutely refuse to discuss something, they will give me their opinions on it anyway and the result is feeling bad again—not that I feel bad about the manifesting I’m doing, but that now the pure positive intention has been diluted with someone else’s opinion that can’t be unheard.

So as much as I might enjoy the company of certain people whose single flaw out of so much we have in common is that they step over a clearly outlined boundary and focus on what’s going to make me feel bad about the work I’m doing, whether intentionally or not, the best thing for me is to not share information with them, and the only way I can do that is to stay the hell away from them.


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