Law of Attraction: Reeling in That Which Was Lost

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

I think that in times of grief and loss, we send out such strong waves of energy saying “Come back!” that lots of things do come back, just not the ones we expect.

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With so much loss over the past couple of months, I think I’m attracting long-lost people and things back into my life. I certainly reconnected with a lot of old friends and relatives because of Daddy’s funeral—most good, but there are also the cousins and relatives who stalk my sites without ever saying a word and think I don’t know they’re there. Not that I censor a word I have to say because of them. What I have to say is for me and for my own healing and it is what it is, and if they don’t like it, I suggest they go eavesdrop on some other support group.

With the last round of loss, quite a few others from my past have come back, some who know what’s happened and most who don’t. It’s downright odd how many people have come back. All I can think is that I must be broadcasting a huge request for return because some of these out-of-the-blue reconnections are really not wanted. Some are very welcome, but some are not, and the Universe simply sends out the message to anyone open to receiving it that I want something back.

Case in point….

Yesterday, I heard from a woman I haven’t really talked with since around October 2005. This is one of those people who reappears in my life and I immediately wonder, what do you want?

She asked how I was doing and reminded me that the last time we spoke, I was worried about a disturbing lump I’d found. Yes, over a year later, she asks how I’m doing. I explained that the Big Cancer Scare of 2005 was just a scare and I’d needed to reduce my caffeine intake and detox and I’m just fine now. So how have I been? I tell her about my dad’s illness and death, etc, but that things are resolving. That’s as far as I get.

Life Coaching Tips

It’s as if she hasn’t heard a word I’ve said. Most people would say, oh, sorry about your dad or acknowledge in some way the answer to the question of “How’ve you been?” But then I realize that what I have to say doesn’t matter. This is just small talk before the real reason for the call comes.

Instead of any acknowledgement, she mentions that she’s a little low on cash these days and do I think I might be able to help her out?

Clearly, I have to fill these gaping holes and stop transmitting signals of “come-back-into-my-life.”


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