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My guides had told me that I’d be in superproductive mode for about 6 weeks, and I am. I was told that some would be brand new ideas  and others would be pots of gold I’d been sitting on, and they are. I was also told that all my projects would line up easily (their emphasis) this month and things would really fall into place.

Attract Him Back

And they are.

I finished  another  edit-and-format  tonight,  and  the book will go  to  the printer’s  tomorrow  after I’ve let it “ferment” a little so I can taste it once more with a fresh palate. That’s three books to the printer’s in  just  over 2 weeks.

The  next  project  is  a  revision  that  should  work through rather quickly, followed by a workbook, though I reserve the right to trade out projects, depending on what comes up next and if I take a trip out of town, I’ll plan on doing some “fresh” writing on my digital recorder. In the midst of this, it looks like I’ll be getting rights back to my first novel, from back in 1994. Finally.

I started an e-course today, too, that I bought through a special  connection at a greatly  reduced  rate of about $69, which is about half-off. The stunner is that I’ve written far more material that’s far stronger—and never made a penny off of it because I’ve given it away, damn my little Pisces heart. What I have already written, this material that’s needing only to be dusted off, is the equivalent to at least  five or six courses  of different  varieties,  different lengths,  different  audiences.  These  could  easily (there’s that word again) be ready to sell  by  January, several of them. Not only that, but it’ll be as close to hands-off as I can get it. All online, all by sequential auto-responder— which means income while I’m still at my day job. This is a huge step  toward manifesting  my dream, not because it’s the end result  or  exceedingly  prosperous  itself,  but because it’s a huge step into a new arena I’m not familiar with…and I like to know what I’m doing and be sure of it.

Then the most interesting little thing happened to assure me  that  things  indeed  are lining  up.  A couple  of months ago, I came up with a great idea that ties in with my next launch, right down to a name for the website, the course, everything. I checked on the availability of the domain name and found that it was taken by someone who was sitting on the domain, perhaps in hopes of selling it. It  hadn’t  been  touched  in  a  while.  There  were  other forms of the domain name but none had the same ring to them. I decided I’d have that domain name or none for this project but I didn’t really do anything at the time because I was busy with other projects.

I never tried to come up with a different name. Nothing else suited.

Yesterday, my guides said simply (as they often do), “Go look.” And they said it urgently.

So I checked the url I wanted and got something different from the last time I looked, which was a week or so ago. I thought  it was an  error, so I rushed  over to check the domain availability.  The ownership had lapsed and it had not been renewed.

So I snapped it up right away,  knowing  completely that it was meant to be more than just a sign and yet at the same time, realizing just how quickly things are lining up.


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