Tiny Unveilings and Ground-Shaking Epiphanies

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Truth.

I love the way you can learn something new, even a small something, about  another  person  or  situation  or especially what motivates that person in that situation— and it changes everything. I find that it usually either repels me in a way that cannot be reclaimed or it draws me much closer to the person.

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Tiny unveilings. Ground-shaking epiphanies. Sometimes people try to tell me things, things they’re terrified to  admit  or  deeply  ashamed of.  I’m  dense.  I don’t  get it.  So  they don’t  venture any farther because they think I’d reject them for their hidden truths.

And at other times, people try to hide things. I’m not so dense. I suspect. I feel. But with every denial they utter, I question the truth (at least to myself) until it finally comes out and by then, I’m ready to walk away.

But I love it when it comes out, as though the Moon of my Tarot deck has come out from behind the clouds and the hidden knowledge has been revealed. Just a tidbit of  new  information   will  so   often  have   me  saying, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

And then for the next week, I’m looking back at everything through new lenses. In my mind, I’m going back to a first  meeting, to a tidbit of information in a stolen conversation, to a glance or an utterance. Everything has new meaning.  A deeper  level I didn’t quite understand before.  It’s  like  reliving  the  entire  life  experience   of knowing someone but now in an alternate universe where this information  is part of the world we know when it wasn’t before.

Sometimes when things  are revealed,  I’m disgusted.

The truth comes out and I have to excise the cancer for my own health.

But sometimes, like this week, new things are revealed and  I’m  left utterly,  totally  intrigued—and  wondering how I could have missed this two years ago…except  that it just wasn’t the right time.


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