Shifts for the Better

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Truth.

The energies are shifting again. I wish I could describe it in a better way, but then, until I became sensitive to the shifts, I wouldn’t have known what I was talking about either. I’m grateful to have met so many others in recent months who also feel such energies and have been able to describe what I’ve felt. The veil is so thin now.

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This particular shift is more aligned with my personal life  and   future.  The  last  major  shifts  were  22  July (extremely bad) and about  12 August (extremely  good). I’ve been shown things in the past few days that have me reassessing certain long-held beliefs and realizing feelings I hadn’t experienced before. As for noting the shift, that came today.

A milestone  is  just  around  the  corner.  Something good. Intense,  wonderful,  amazing. And whatever  it is, it’s intensely personal to me and to those involved. Something’s been decided; I just don’t know what yet.

It’s like some of my favorite time travel movies where an event is altered and its ripples are felt. That’s how this feels. Like  some  event has changed or finally occurred, and the outcomes are changed or at least better defined.

There’s no evidence for this, of course. Just an odd buzz of  energy  in the air around me. I asked Shannon what she felt tonight, and  she described—before  I told her—exactly what I’d felt all day. Same  sense  of certain things happening at last. Breakthroughs of some sort.

But there’s  one thing  that’s  even  more  bizarre:  the way  horoscopes change as these shifts occur. That’s the wild part.

I have a couple of different horoscopes, ones that I’ve highlighted in certain colors so I’m aware of certain influences this year. Last year, the focus was on relationships and decoding my patterns  of relating.  This year, it’s all about my self-expression, creativity, and the possibility of romance and settling into a bonded but intense love relationship later in the year. It’s a sort of weather report, and these particular horoscopes are very good ones, determining personality for the year with as much accuracy as any Myers-Briggs chart or biological life phase. As I’ve said before, it’s all about patterns and the language they create.

So what happens when a shift occurs and a pattern changes  or  becomes  more  definitive?  Yeah,  that’s  the wild part. The horoscopes sometimes change.

I don’t understand it. I’ve discussed it with one or two other people who keep a watch on their own yearly horoscopes, with lots of highlighting color on certain probable events. We’ve all found changes.  We  have read parts of the horoscopes we’ve found interesting to each other and later, after such a shift as today, the horoscope  isn’t the same.

Key  words we’d discussed are gone. New things that we never saw before are there.

The last time I’d read through test case “horoscope #3,” it had been somewhat encouraging  but with some rather distressing allegations about the synastry of charts and the resulting forecasts. Well, the distressing info I’ve read  in  there  before  is  not  there  now.  I’ve  run  word searches, I’ve combed the document, I checked the duplicates on the backup drive. The info is not there now.

What is there is good. Really good. I would certainly have seen it  before if it had been there. The good stuff was barely mentioned before. Now it’s front and center.

I do not understand, but the changes I’ve noted in the written  horoscopes  are directly correlated with the feelings  I  get  from  the  shifts  in  energies.  I’m  terribly  intrigued by the possibilities.


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