Someone to Watch over Me

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Truth.

Later today,  the  moon  moves  into  Scorpio  for  the next couple of days.  That  always  means  things  are intense, secretive, or sexual—or some combination thereof.

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It’s  been  called  to  my  attention   that  I’m  being watched over. That I have someone  somewhere  looking out for me.

Late yesterday,  Shannon and I had talked about the possibilities of Hurricane Ernesto coming to this area and our general feeling that it would turn more toward Tampa and avoid the Florida Panhandle. We spoke of  our mutual disenchantment  with living so close to the Gulf and our fears of, not this hurricane, but one in the future destroying life as we know it here.

I explained that I feel more disconnected  than usual from  this  geographic  area  and  the  possibility  of hurricanes just intensifies that.  I’m quite accustomed  to preparing for hurricanes,  both in acquiring  supplies and in battening down the hatches around the house. Even for a minor  hurricane,  there  are  always  hanging  baskets  of flowers to be removed, lawn furniture to be hauled into the garage, bathtubs to be filled. Many  a  time, I’ve left work in time to get home before dark and spend a few hours preparing the property for what might or might not come our way.

Property damage  during  my marriage  usually  meant my ex called  his brother and brother-in-law,  both good ol’ boys with hearts of gold who’d come over and climb around on our roof while my ex  supervised.  After  my marriage, I had a network of friends I could call  on  in case of a tree through my roof.

This year, I feel very alone when it comes to storms and their aftermath. This is such a transitional  time for me, and none of the new stuff that’s coming has settled in yet. So I feel like I’m running as fast as I can across a rope bridge, I can’t see the other side yet, and behind me the rope is fraying. Just a few more steps and I’ll make it across. But I don’t know how many steps or if I can run that fast, and this is one time it would do my heart good to see a hand reaching out of the fog ahead of me.

As if in answer to my fears, I received a message last night from an old friend. She had something  to tell me, something important.

That I’m being watched over. Not just by the Gods, but by a man. And in this Scorpio Moon when thoughts are so intense, he’s wishing the best for me.

And that, that is so nice to know.


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