The Progress of Not Expanding

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Curves.

My mentor looks at the past month and sees what I cannot.  I’ve  really  come  to  appreciate  her  objectivity. What seems like a month when I’ve been stuck in a mud hole to spin my wheels has instead been very productive. The results, however, can’t be measured in any tangible means, but isn’t that often the case with inner growth?

The Long-Awaited Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy

My  house  repairs  are  not  yet  complete. Though they’ve made many steps in that direction and it is coming together, it’s just not done. As for the transition to a new job, I’m still in the old  one. I’m at fiscal yearend when things are roughest and I haven’t been  able to do much toward moving into a new position or a new line of business that’s portable. Nothing where I can point to the physical evidence, at least.

As we discover through about two hours of convers tion, so much of what I have done has been fine-tuning and focusing, contracting  as  opposed  to expanding.  So progress isn’t just about expansion.

There’s a concept.

It’s also about pulling inward and propelling forward. I’ve  been  able  to  fine  tune  and  trust  my  intuition more. Among other things I’ve also been able to trust what’s right for  me enough so that people who used to wield a lot of influence over me no longer have any effectiveness.  It’s  more  a  matter  of  taking  my  power  this month and that’s something that usually can’t be measured in the physical.

I’ve reined in my business interests so that they’re focused more narrowly, and that leads to an interesting dialogue on how small  businesses mature and an acknowledgement of the 80/20 rule that says oh-so-well  that al- most all of my revenue comes through the people  who are absolutely never any trouble at all and yet the projects that  are  the  biggest  money-losers  by  far  are  the  ones where I have the most trouble with the people.

How do I reduce the wearying ones and repeat the successes?  It’s a matter of saying that time, money, and resources are limited, so let’s hone this and realign it with my own life purpose so I can follow my bliss  and have my dreams.


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