Product Review: “Telling a New Story” Law of Attraction DVD (Abraham-Hicks)

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When I attended my very first live Abraham-Hicks workshop, two women seated near me asked if I’d bought the Telling a New Story! DVD yet.  I wasn’t even aware until then that there were DVD’s.  I’d been exposed to the books and audio downloads, but wasn’t aware of how many other products were available for someone like me who hungers for deeper knowledge.   The two raved about how great this 3-hour DVD set was for them so I decided to buy it and give it a try myself.  Then I decided to review more of the Abraham-Hicks products as a regular part of The Spiritual Eclectic blog.

Esther and Jerry Hicks’ The Teachings of Abraham DVD IX of the Law of Attraction in Action series, Telling a New Story!, is a 2-DVD set, a little over 3 hours long, that’s been excerpted from their January 2009 Mexican-Riviera Cruise Workshop.  Though I had the opportunity to buy it at the live workshop for $30, I had a 7-hour drive home and opted to buy several CD’s instead.   After I got home, I bought it from the Abraham-Hicks website for $30.  HOWEVER, I’ve “attracted” a better deal for you, and you can get it–new–for 1/3rd to 2/3rds of the list price here.  Still, this one was worth the full retail price.

So that I’m not telling you exactly what Abraham advised for every question asked on these DVDs, I’ll tell you areas of concerns I’ve had that were answered for me.  Funny, how that happens.  I don’t have to ask a question myself–the answers will come to me through the questions of others.

My children are not so young now that I have to tell them very carefully about their heritage to avoid nightmares.  They’re young adults now, but I still want to protect them from all the boogie men out there and remind them of what I myself have witnessed and insist they learn from me.  I’ve wondered before how you can tell your children or teens about horrific events in our spiritual heritage and even in our genealogy without having them focus on finding more of the same pattern in everyday life.  I’ve seen it often with racial, gender,  and spiritual prejudices, where people begin to look for, to strive to find, examples of the prejudices they are so certain are there.                Abraham answers a mother’s question about her ethnic heritage and ends with a rousing explanation of Martin Luther King’s dream.  My daughter walked in while I was listening to this segment and we were both frozen in motion as we listened, awed.  Beautifully done!

Another question I’ve struggled with both for myself and in discussions with my nearly grown daughters is one of choosing “a” career.  My children were expected by their school systems to pick the one career choice that would satisfy them for the rest of their lives…at age 13.  I used to shake my head over the idea.  Technology alone will render many current career choices obsolete between age 13 and even entering college–and provide many more options.  They’ve both wondered how to find that perfect career to leave college with when they have so many things they want to do and be.  I’m certainly past the age of choosing a first career, but I too still want more than one career and never know where the next “rocket of desire” will take me.

Teaching children about the Law of Attraction at different ages made me think,  as well as distinguishing between yearning and desire.

Another segment that I found meaning was how to stop looking at certain purchases I wanted to make as selfish, while other financial exchanges of equal or greater amounts are acceptable to me because of connotations I’ve placed on them, such as charitable gifts or any type of purchase that directly helps someone in need.  I had never thought about the flow of money in quite the way it was explained.

These were the most pertinent questions this DVD answered for me.  The rest was of good quality, too, and Telling a New Story! was certainly worth buying, listening to, and sharing with friends.

For the best price I’ve found, buy here.


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