Mercury in Retrograde: Revisiting Old Projects with Delight

Expecting a pleasant and serene time with Mercury in Retrograde as I re-visit old paths.  Photo copyright by Lorna Tedder, all rights reserved.

“Mercury’s in retrograde!”  To most of my astrology-loving friends, those two words are worth at least a groan or two.  It’s the herald of a three-week span of mis-communications, car trouble, computer crashes, and all sorts of weird mechanical failures associated with the communication-transportation-mechanical trifecta ruled by the planet Mercury.  It’s all starting April 17-18 2010(depending on where in the world you are) and ending on May 11, 2010.

For years, I focused on all the things that tend to go wrong during a retrograde Mercury.  I dreaded that beastly little planet.  This year, it’s just a blip on the radar because I’ve learned to use it to my advantage!

After all, right now we have two far more “serious” celestial bodies in retrograde—the sandblaster energy of Pluto and the oppressive lessons-learned energy of Saturn, with  the idealistic and foggy energy of Neptune retrograding in late May.  Retrograde just means covering old territory to give it one last look before moving forward with our lives, and that’s not a bad thing but it is about changes and solidifying our new path.  To top that off, Saturn and Uranus are still in opposition in a push-pull between old restrictions/structures and new ways of living, plus we have Saturn squaring  Pluto with a similar sense of tension.  Coming up shortly, Jupiter will be opposing Saturn in a push-pull of expansion-constriction and squaring Pluto in yet another burst of expansion.   Are you detecting a theme here?  Maybe one about expansion and growth, which can either feel like blasting your way to freedom or more like growing pains?   Our world is changing, both on a collective and individual basis.

As for a puny little Mercury in retrograde, I’ve been taking note of what works for me and how to get the most out of what other people consider a terribly non-productive time.  The best news is that Mercury in retrograde tends to make old friends and acquaintances appear out of thin air.  I make it a point to count the old boyfriends, former best friends, and long-lost relatives who just show up during these three weeks.  Normally, it ranges from 6 to 8, with 1 or 2 having held a significant spot in my life at one time.  That doesn’t mean I have to re-engage in those old relationships, but I have an option to reconnect if I wish.

The other thing that Mercury in retrograde is excellent for –for me—is giving old projects a second look.  Rather than starting some new project (a no-no to most people who are the least bit familiar with Mercury in retrograde), I take the opportunity to look back at projects that are half-finished or more and see what needs to be done to wrap them up.  Instead of  starting  a new novel, I might go back and make some revisions on one I shelved a year ago and get it ready for publication.   It’s a chance to tidy up my creative closets and get forgotten projects out to the public.  As opposed to launching new projects,  I turn my spotlight of attention to what’s unfinished, whether it’s a creative project, a home refurbishment project, or organizing the garage once and for all.  I follow the flow of the energy I feel and put it where there’s little to no resistance.

I have some projects that seem to be “Retrograde Mercury Only” projects, and I always seem to go back to them three times a year during Mercury in Retrograde cycles.  I finish them one by one, making a little more progress on them each time before I tire of them.  They’re not urgent projects, and I usually—using Mercury in retrograde at its very, very best—can look at an old idea in a completely new way that will make the results better than ever.

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